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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by yonnko, Oct 1, 2005.

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    I have a Snap-ON limited edition 24 kt. gold engraved set of racing lug nut sockets. Each socket is engraved with the signature of the three Earnhardt's; Ralph Lee, Dale and Dale Jr. It is in a velvet lined wooden box and inside the top cover is a mirror engraved with a story commemmorating the three generations. The outside top of the box is also engraved with the signatures.
    Has anybody ever seen any of these on their travels and how much might it be worth?

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    I own a lot of snap on tools and although I swear by them they aren't cheap at all. Not sure what you paid but you might try Snap-On's website or next time you're out and about and see a Snap-On truck stop in and talk to the dealer. I'll see my Snap-On guy next week and I'll try and remember to ask him if he know's.

    My guess is they are probably worth what someone will pay for them meaning to a hardcore DE fan you might collect a nice price but to a mechanic going to use them for work he may pay you far less. When it comes to tools I don't and won't pay a premium just for someone famous to have their name on it.
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    I am not an Earnhardt fan and actually had it given to me a few years back and recently found it in my closet. I figure a diehard Earnhardt fan might pay a premium price for it.
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    try e-bay.
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    Suzie is right, I always go to Ebay and do a search for things to see what they go for, as I am infatuated with old things.. and collectibles. If you have never been on ebay, it is easy to search. Here is an item number for a boxed set of wrences, it may give you some idea. www.ebay.com search on item number 6212226204 or just typed in dale earnhardt snap on in the main search box. Let me know how much you want I may buy it for my husband, hes a big fan.
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    COST FOR GAS: $300