Earnings Preview: FedEx

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    Earnings Preview: FedEx - CBS News

    WHAT'S EXPECTED: More bad news. FedEx cut its forecast for the recent quarter earlier this month. FedEx also might provide details on the planned restructuring of its Express unit, which is suffering the most from the slow economy. FedEx expects to earn between $1.37 and $1.43 per share in the quarter, down from a previous forecast of $1.45 to $1.60 per share.
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    This company is in so called trouble, why would they spend and
    sponsor things. I think they lie like the rug we walk on.
    they are our competion they charge almost the same as ups.
    they pay there employees less then ups, some don't get benefits.

    So I must ask where is the money going, Maybe just maybe
    they are not doing what everybody says there doing.
  3. They waste millions on nonsense all the time. That's what they do.
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    The company prides itself via intimidation of its worker bees (couriers) and lies constantly about anything in order to make a buck, er rather a few billion. I cant help but think that they say they arent making the profits they used to, er they are used to as a direct result of having to payoff the politicians FredEx(tortion) bedded during his RLA fight. Criminals.......ALL OF 'em