ED Torres"""" My Phoenix Brother in Arms*** You are Missed**** Death by UPS******

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    Read some prior posts about donations for the Ed Torres Family...Please contact Local Union 104 Steward Alex Montes.. He has done a tremendous job in helping this family. Ed had a wife and an Ex wife and 2 daughters with each, ages 13,9,5,and 3.. Alll your donations and support is greatly appreciated..

    there is a fund set up at Bank Of America... It is the Ed Torres Family Fund....Phoenix,AZ..

    Yes it does exist, but some banks have a hard time locating it.. Call Alex if any of you need more information or call me...Marc at 602-628-5788

    Alex's number is 602-881-8553.. we would be glad to help out...

    We just had a golf tournament and we are having a Poker tournament on Dec. 8TH, we are accepting alll sorts of donations and presents for the girls..Lets give them a great Xmas..

    Thank you all and God Bless....

    as for your questions of why was Ed out at 8 PM on a friday noight... HE was running a misload, off area. Can you believe it. Absolutely Terriblr...Keep them in your prayers...
  2. I'm not one to usually come to the aid of UPS but this is a bit much.

    Do you know how many other drivers run misloads at that time virtually EVERYWHERE else in the country? Am I saying its right? no absolutely not, but suppose it happened at 4pm, is UPS at fault then? What happened is terrible but to blame UPS for it just doesn't register, thats like when you get hurt no matter what UPS blames you. Is it right? NO absolutely not, thats why they're called accidents. I know you can argue it wouldn't have happened if he wasn't in the area at the time, but thats like UPS saying an unavoidable accident was avoidable because you were on the clock too late in the day. I don't know if they do that (wouldn't surprise me) but still. It was an accident, a terrible one, but saying UPS killed him? Thats a bit much
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    What More Can I Say. It Figures Some Brain Washed Management Fool Would Have A Spin ON It. Whatever Dude. Go Back To Supervising Preload. Ou Probably Have Never Delivered 1 Package In Your Life. Go Hide Your Head In The Sand And Take A Deep Breath!!!!
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    These kind of losses are always tough to deal with. My heart and prayers to the friends and family. Steward lets see if we can remember your friend and help his family and keep away from the distractions of trying to lay blame anywhere except where it belongs at that drunk drivers doorstep.
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    This is out of line. I'm also Preload Sup/ Data OMS/ PAS Scrub/ PDS

    I was a driver beforehand. he could just as easily been killed at noon. A tragedy, yes. UPS's Fault? what about the loader that loaded it, or the spa person who put the wrong label on it?

    you act like UPS knowingly put that driver out knowing what would happen, cut that :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: out.
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    lets put the blame on the god damb drunk , end of story,was'nt eds fault,wasn't browns fault wasn't preloader's fault, act of God. wrong place wrong time drunk driver!!!! May God find a way to ease this family and friend pain! lets all send a little something to help and end the rock tossing here!!!!
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    Agreed. Misloads get delivered every day. That's the job.

    Hopefully the drunk driver will get some prison time.
  8. Actually, you're wrong, but thats besides the point. I delivered for 1.5 years (no its not a long time) but to say I don't know what I'm talking about without even knowing me is stupid. I've been with UPS for 3 years and yeah I have seen some accidents, one not too far from our building (accident with a shifter at that UPS facility, a man was killed) so don't tell me what I do and don't know because you have no idea

    I hope that drunk driver gets whats coming to him, but as others have said, as cold as it sounds, delivering misloads is part of the job, whether at 10am or 8pm.