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    Election fraud has been the excuse on both sides at many times in our country's history.

    In 2000, it was the democrats who were trying to prove that the election was tampered with. The republicans defended all actions as fair.

    Today, the roles are reversed.

    In Ohio, the republican party dispatched hundreds of lawyers over the last 6 months to scour OHIO counties looking for voters who foreclosed on their homes and never changed the address on their voter registration cards.

    These are the very people that the republican party in OHIO wants to declare inelligible to vote despite the claims of acorn which there is NO VALID proof in OHIO of existing.

    The mere fact that FOX news is the ONLY news source in the USA reporting on this story should tell the story.

    But, lets talk about election tampering which is a form of election fraud.

    Its funny how the right wing now is crying about fair elections and the need to have them considering they themselves tampered with the primary election process.

    How do you think Mike Huckabee feels?? As he was leading in the polls during the primary, the right wing power machine was behind the scenes controlling its base to "eliminate" candidates by running slams on the candidates 24 hours a day.

    First up was John McCain who the right wing believed was dead on the side of the road. They ran a ton of stories on him and his approval ratings dumped and Mike Huckabee took the lead.

    The right wing power machine said, ok, one down. Next on the list was Mitt Romney, he was then the target of the right wing smear machine 24 hours a day especially on FOX. Then he sunk.

    At the same time, FOX and the right wing power machine was trying to PUMP up Rudy Guiliani and get him to win the nomination but Mike Huckabee was too strong.

    Rudy, with a questionable history and given the fact that his own son said he wouldnt vote for him was not the strong candidate they wanted, but they continued to pump him up.

    With mike catching more popularity, it was time to take mike out, so the move to convince the base to get away from mike began. 24 hours a day, the slams on Mike Huckabee began.

    It wasnt long before Thompson, who hadnt a prayer in the first place left the race, and with Mitt gone, that left McCain, Huck and Paul.

    What the right wing power machine failed to realize was they were taking out the best and found themselves with John McCain by default.

    You see, at the same time, Rush Limbaugh was "tampering" with the primary process with his "operation chaos". Rush spent hours convincing his loyal followers to abandon the proper voting process and play with the votes by voting for Hillary Clinton.

    By Rush' estimates, thousands of people followed his orders and voted for hillary in many primaries. In fact, some on this board (as I read) said they voted for hillary as instructed by Rush.

    But how did this affect the republican process? You think Mike Huckabee would have liked these thousands of votes?

    What about mitt romney?

    The record reflects Rush's call for primary tampering as early as October of 2007.

    This "tampering" sounded funny when it was occuring to many right wingers, but it demonstrated how foolish people can be when it comes to understanding the electorate.

    When the folks who represent the republican base can't take the election process serious in the first place, then they will never have my sympathy.

    You should'nt cry foul when you run around with chickens.

    (p.s. Rush had one thing right, Keeping Hillary in the race might have made it easier to win the White House as he KNEW OBAMA would beat the republicans hands down.)
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    enjoy your posts...have observed that people often are the funniest when they don't mean to be. e e cummings
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    You enjoyed TOS's post so much, you felt entitled to put your own spin on it. :thumbup1:
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    Now that's funny.
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