Electric delivery vans set to take off in the US


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Move to a real center thats not a large metal shed and maybe you'll get real trucks. :)
We have 500 plus ft drivers here in a 150 million dollar building with automated small sort, sorters and ireg trains. We use p6s for full time routes I'd say for at least 60 routes, we still have 3 p5s and at least 50 rentals everyday. Instead of buying vans for air we rent white sprinter vans.


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I'm what most of you would call a big liberal doofus around here, and as someone who wants the electric trucks to be good, the ones we've been running in our center for a while are utter pieces of garbage. Cold weather? Heavy industrial pickup volume? Running a misload to the next loop over? Nope, nope, and nope. Sometimes they just refuse to turn on in the middle of the day and you have to pop the hood and turn a comical red knob and wait two minutes. They over torque on like a 2% grade if wet leaves or a light frost is involved. The horn is insanely abrasive to the point that using it is a guaranteed fist fight. And when the generator kicks on when your'e backed up to a warehouse and the exhaust starts choking everyone out, they just love that.


Good thing I wore my brown pants