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  1. Has anyone else been told to do the employee engagement survey on behalf of.... all of their employees? That was basically how we did it this year for PT Sups and almost all of the union employees. Anyone else?... I think I've done around 50 so far over the last few weeks.:happy-very: Let's just say there are a LOT of dissatisfied employees out there!
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    Anyone in this thread (besides the OP, maybe?) actually in management? Just asking.
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    This makes me sad. It looks like integrity is eroding along with everything else.

    At my office, we went around to everyone's cube and logged them in simultaneously. Then we asked them to answer honestly and returned to our own desks so no one was standing over them. We had a meeting earlier in the week to let them know it was coming and suggested they prepare their comments in advance so they wouldn't forget something they wanted to say if they got distracted during the survey.
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    YOU DO KNOW THAT THERE ARE REPERCUSSIONS FOR THOSE THINGS right??? If you turned in 50 dissatisfied ERI's then(aside from the fact you just told the auditor that a PT sup filled them out) you and your management team will have to create an ACTION PLAN to correct this! That means more paperwork and more work.... wow ya'll really don’t think sometimes do you?
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    So, BB, why do you ask?
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    I was wondering how some centers have more than 100% employee participation.
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    Will we not be getting the results of this one either?