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    THese stickers are being distributed for free at hubs/centers . Also advertized by a Teamstrer reform newspaper not named to respect the moderator of this forums ban on solicitation. THe stickers are very popular with the exploited part time poverty employees. THe black thursdays committtee seeks to distribute f8ive thousand stickers per month until ups agrees to an early contract amendment ending part time poverty. THey estimate that just the first five thousand stickers will be viewed by an average of five motorists for each sticker per day or twenty five thousan per day or seventy five thousanmd views per week.With an additional five thousand stickers per month eventually everyone inh America when watching the nascar on tv or a tv commercial or seeing a ups truck on the satreet will flash in thier mind the bold stickers and the phrase 'END UPS PART TIME POVERTY"THecommittee will soon be releasing press releases with photos of major tv and movie actores posing with the stickers. The photos will have a caPTION BELOW WITH A PERSONAL STATEMENT BY THE CELEBRITY CALLING FOR REFORM OF ups. bOTH PART TIME POVERTY AND UPS PRACTICE OF MAINTAINING UNSAFE WOIORKING CONDITIONS BY BUYING OFF POLITICIANS TO STOP ERGONOMIC SAFETY LAWS ETC WILL BE SPOTLIGHTED.thECOMMITTEE FEELS THAT THE SIMPLE TRUTH THAT COUNTERS UPS SELF SERVING PROPAganda will be enough to appall the average moral american and increase the call for ups reform. the committee praise ups for excellent driver pay and benifits as well as excellent service. THey maintain that thier is room for ups to be profitable and once again sociably responsible after enactment of needed reforms.
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    IT should be noted that the members of the black thursday committee sponsoring these stickers are not anti ups,. In fact all aRE ups stockholders and praise the company for it's good points. However the committee is serious about reforming the negative aspects of ups . THe bumper stickers and celebrity photois are just stages four and five of the 23 stage usaipa or union solidarity and intensified public awareness program designed to reform ups.THis prograM will be phased in over the next five and one half years . Many of the stages will be by surprize with no advance notice intended be a interesting new challenge to the ups board of directors members who put profits , power and productivity above morals and social responsibility.
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    post should have read one hundred seventy five thousand views per week
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    I doubt we'll see those stickers here. We are never included in anything. LOL I'd like one though.
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    upslocal480, send a nice letter asking for a free sticker to TDU in DEtroit Mich...i am sure they will accomodate you as our committee gave them 3000 stickers for free to start.i would give you our address where you could order one for a buck ,but that would violate this forums no solicitation rule.
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    Ewave or Saint
    The only poverty I can see in your post is your careless and ignorant posts. Your grammar sucks as does your spelling just to name a few of your poverty stricken posting skills. You mix bold and regular typing. You post opinions mixed with very few facts. You are a disgrace to the teamsters as well as tdu just in the careless and ignorant way you post. I am by no means clean when it comes to spelling, grammar and the like but your posting habits are prime time poverty. Why not take the time and effort to post your garbage in a readable fashion.
    I totally disagree with your "End UPS part time poverty" statement. I think you have made no reasonable case for your poverty statement other than to make it. The only self serving propaganda in this post or at UPS is your careless and factless post. Get a life. End of my participation in your carelessly worded, clueless, and bisassed anti ups bs posts.
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    Groan........Pinging Saint Team Zero. Help! Save this board!
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    ir1937, I see you spend a lot of time attacking my spelling,grammer ,typing etc , but little on the issue. FOr all but those that were hired pre 1982 and earn the full and fair rate of $23.25 per hr for performing 12 to 16 hrs of reasonable McDonalds type part time work in 3.5 hrs they are ups poverty exploitation victims. It is simple to understand , incontrovertable truth etc. However a self serving brainwashed ups mgr gets hostile to the truth avbout the piss poor for part timers ups he is a part of. thats your problem. Other readers like ups local 480 understand my posts ,agree with them and wanrt a sticker. you are out of tune with reality.Ups is a once good company gone downhill due to greed and lust for power with disregard for basic human decency and social responsibility. yet ups mgmt hides from the truth behind a facade of self serving propaganda.
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    Tell me about comparing McDonalds part time rate and benefits compared to ups. What is the total part time 2yr employees total ecomomic package versus any other poverty strickin part time employee. Do you really believe that ups can compete paying 23.25 part time wages? Tell me what the teamsters pay their part time employees? How about tdu? What do they pay PT employees? Have you ever worked at McDonalds? Are you saying they are lazy? don't work, don't hustle? I know a lot of PT McDonalds cooks turning hamburgers for 4 hrs would beg to differ with belittling comparison. I guess your saying that ups part timers doing in 3.5 hrs, what a McDonald employee does in 12 to 16hrs, shows compasion, respect, basic human decency and social responsibility toward these employees. I would suggest that McDonalds part timers work just as hard as ups part timers and their total economic package may not compare. Give them a break today at McDonalds. My posts are no more hostile than your sticker is. What part time employees have a better package than ups Mr Poverty. I havn't seen you post any uncontrovertable evidence that ups part timers are paid poverty wages. What is poverty by the way? What constitutes a poverty wage? How much is it? I believe there are people working full time that don't have the wages and benefits ups part timers have. Are you going to do the socially resposible thing and make bumper stickers for those employers. What is the minimum wage? Is that a poverty wage? I would like to see some uncontrovertable facts regarding poverty wages.
    When you post here, not everyone is going to agree with you and has the right to disagree and challange your uncontrovertable truths. If local 480 wants to buy into your stickers and biased, disrespectful, McDonald put down that is his business. I don't buy your heferdust and think I haved a right and obligation to challange your self serving propoganda.
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    saintteamo you are nothing but a dirty thieving opportunist. You have done nothing but steal from the people you are supposedly trying to help. You are a cancer on society and a pimple on the ass of the teamsters. You disgust all right thinking union members with your scheme to sell overpriced tshirts and bumper stickers to any part-timer foolish enough to fall for your "pie-in-the-sky" shell game. Any money you make from your hideous and morally bankrupt con-game will only go to line your own pockets. Jail is too good for a lousy crook like you. Take your filthy lies elsewhere, please, nobody wants you here.
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    ir1937, Do you really think McDonalds employees work as hard as a ups part timer? Compare flipping a few 1 qtr lb burgeres ,handling some shakes, fries and counting change compared to unloading a forty footer where your supervisor breaths down your back if you unload less than 1200 peices per hr weighing up to 150 lbs each with no breaks for 3.5 hrs straight? compare thier almost no injuries short or long term with ups having twice the national average for injuries reported not to mention those not reported due to intimidation and those injuries showing effects after leaving ups?yes compare d a ups worker earns and is worth three to four times the Mcdonald wage at minimum. Yes UPS can afford to pay all $23.25 per hr. UPS is already paying those part timers hired before 1982 $23.25 and they feel they are worth every penny they recieve.AT the old full and fair rate prior to the 1982 ups wage reduction despite soaring volume and profits a pt worker in exchange for only at ups back breaking work could afford to rent a room, paY TUITION, BUY FOOD AND CLOTHING AND AFFORD TO OWN AND OPERATE A USED CAR. THIS WAS A GOOD DEAL THAT WAS PROFITABLE TO THE STUDENT AND SOCIETY AS WELL AS PROFITABLE TO UPS. i WENT THROUGH SIX YEARS OF COLLEGE THAT WAY AND AM VERY GREATFULL TO THE tEAMSTERS FOR THE GOOD PAY. i FIND IT A NATIONAL DISGRACE THAT UPS HAS EFFECTIVELY REDUCED THE PT PAY BY NEARLY 65% ADJUSTED FOR INFLATUIOPN SINCE 1982 AND DESTROYED A POSITIVE JOB FOR OVER A HUNDRED THOUSAND WORKERS AND FOR SOCIETY AS WELL.thERE ARE PT WORKERES LIVING IN HOMELESS SHELTERS IN RICHMOND CA AND OTHER PArtS of the country.AT the major hubs ups could allow permanent double shifting with split shifts allowing for rests thus reducing the paRT time positions by thirty to forty percent or more nationwide.And yes since they work harder than drivers they should be paid at least the same. The rest of the needed pt positions likewise deserve to be paID the full and fair rate again. I have done the job pt and driving for a total of eight years,so i know the truth and am accurate when comparing the jobs to many other jobs i have had over the years util becoming disaBLE3D FROM A DRUNK DRIVER HITTING ME ONE NIGHT SEVERAL YEARS AGO.by THE WAY I DO AGREE THAT THIER ARE MANY EMPLOYERS INCLUDING mCdONALDS THAT PAY POVERTY EXPLOITIVE WAGES AND THIS NEEDS TO BE REFORMED. tHIS ALSO APPLIES TO FED EX. hOWEVER A FED EX WORKER ONLY LIFTS ABOUT 25% THE WEIGHT A UPS EMPLOYEE DOES PER HR AND STARTS AT $12.50 PER HR.hOW ARE WE tEAMSTERS SUPPOSED TO ORGANIZE FED EX WHEN THEY WOULD BE PAID LESS AND HAVE HORRIBLE DANGEROUS WORKING CONDITIONS IF MADE ALA ups?i ENJOY THE DEBATE SO PLEASE RESPOND. iF YOU FIND THE BUMPER STICKERS OBJECTIONABLE THEN JUST WAIT TO YOU SEE MY PRESS RELEASES COMING SOON AND LITERATURE ETC ON NATIONAL TV ETC WITH MAJOR TV AND MOVIE STARS POSING WITH THE STICKERS AND SPEAKING OUT AGAINST ups. eVENTUALY WHEN i AM DONE UNLESS YOU CHOOSE REFORM FIRST EVERY UPS MGR WILL DUE TO THE PUBLIC AWARENESS PROGRAM OF MY COMMITTEE BE EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT IN PUBLIC HE/SHE IS ASSOSCIATED WITH UPS.iN RANDOM TESTS ON PERSONS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE THEY ALL AGREE THAT UPS IS REPREHENSIBLE IN REDUCING WAGES DESPITE SOARING PROFITS AND VOLUME AS WELL AS REPREHENSIBLE IN CLAIMING THAT THE JOB CAN BE DONE SAFELY AFTER DESCRIBING TO THEM THE DUTIES FOR EXAMPLE OF AN UNLOADER. THEY ALL AGREE THAT UPS IS LIKE BIG TOBACCO WHEN IT CLAIMED THAT NICOTINE WASNT ADDICTIVE ETC.aWAITING YOUR NEXT RESONSE.tHANKS FOR YOUR THOUGFHTFUL RESPONSE.
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    If its that bad for you Quit I might respect you some then
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    I don't usually say too much when it comes to junk like this but I agree with lr1937 and here is some additional info that you seem to need:

    (lr1937: I used caps in spots on purpose-hehe)

    1. UPS has the ONLY part-time job in the WORLD that pays for FULL health care coverage!

    2. The hourly wage rate is higher than what the Average full-time American makes per hour, this most likely attributable to the early/late hours and physical work.

    3. A good percentage of part-time people at UPS want just that....a great part-time job! Why, because some only need to work part-time, a parent that wants to spend the days with his or her children, an independent business person who needs to make a litle extra cash AND have their full benefits and the list goes on and on.

    4. And the most important....when part-time people are hired, they are hired as just that....PART-TIME. During the interview process, it is explained that this is a part-time job and UPS FULLY expects all part-timer's to go on their way after awhile to full-time jobs with other companies.....Which would make sense as to why UPS targets college kids....they can't work much more than 3-4 hours per day and be able to concentrate on their studies and eventually they would want to work in their field of study.

    Now, you can say that I am "brainwashed" or a management idiot. But before you do, I can tell you that I have managed 1000's of part-time people within UPS, yes thousands, and that I no longer work at UPS.....I have "semi-retired". Soooo, I do have the knowledge, experience and credentials to back up my claims!

    On a personal note.....you will get much more out of life once you get that bitterness out of your system!

    One last thing. I just re-read the string here before posting to make sure I was on the same page and I realized the problem.....it sounds like this poverty level at UPS is because you/they are only working 3-4 hours per day and YES, a few hundred dollars in gross pay is poverty level. BUT, what happened to the other 10 hours in your day....go out and work additional hours just like everyone else does in this world to get ahead!
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    Hey "saint"

    When I started I only got paid $2.50 an hour. I went to school full time, and worked two other part time jobs to make ends meet. I had the gumption to ask for and get additional work on other shifts.

    As O/70 stated, YOU accepted the PART TIME job. IT was explained to you that this job was a guaranteed 3 or so hours a day. And the wages were explained to you when you started. You freely accepted those terms when you started. So UPS has lived up to ALL their commitments to you. So why are you trying to make this part time job into a full time job?

    IT sounds to me you are not much more than a hell raiser. When so many part timers have turned down full time jobs, and then want to cry about not making a grand a week takehome, I just dont care to listen to this BS.


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    Saintteamo: Personally, I'm just dying to see one of your press releases. Please tell me that you're going to write and edit it yourself.
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    Hey I need 2 of those bumper stickers for 2 part timers I work with. They would look great on their cars because one quick look at their vehicles and you can quickly see they suffer from EXTREME POVERTY!

    What kind of vehicle you ask? One is an 2003' H1 Hummer and the other is a 2003' Lexus but I have no idea of the model. I'd put it on my 92' Cavelier Wagon but my ride is way above the poverty line. Besides I'm fulltime.

    IR1937, you must be part mullet. Can't believe you fell for this crap hook, line and sinker! It's to stupid to be serious.
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    Well everyone seems WAY too uptight about this but I can't help but think that some of the flyer made a good point and that part-timers should be making a little more whether it's "just a part-time job" or not. Not 23.00/hr but maybe a couple dollars more an hour to start and across the board. It's definately not worth all the drama and personal attacks some of you are throwing out though that's for sure. I can't really complain about making $11.25/$12.25 an hour but at the same time can't help but laugh at the notion that people 20 years ago were starting out at what I make now. While the rest of you stress out over this I'll just keep laughing. LOL. I guess the joke is on me though because people new hires in 1981 were making more an hour then I am now and that was during a time when minimum wage was like 2.00 something an hour??? LOL. It's taken me 4 years to earn an hourly rate that used to be the starting wage 20 years ago? LOL. Most people would be pissed off thinking about this but sense adding fuel to the insult fire on this board, which won't earn me even an extra dime an hour, I'll just luagh instead. Accecpting the truth and finding humor in it is better than arguing right?
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    just because ups informs it's naive young victims of some of the facts doesnt make the exploitation ,under pay and dangerous working conditions ok. since you perform at least 12 to 16 hrs of normal pt work in 3.5 hrs you should get wages and benifitd that total at least 4.5 times the average paying pt job.also unnecessary pt jobs are bad for the e conomy ,so as many as [possible should be eliminated through permanent double shifting etc. also ups boasts of the benifits not because they voluntarily pay them. if ups had it;'s way it would phase out part time benifits. for example ups asked for optional benifits , but the teamsters wouldnt sell out or sell short that far this time. ups used to boast about the great wages until it reduced them in 1982 and for the next twenty yearts,so ups only wants to destroy what is good over time. like in 97 ups demanded part time drivers but teamster president ron c arey struck to prevent ups from phasin g out the well paying driver jobs too. ups is a negative parasite on socitey and needs the reforms we are seeking for sociteys sake.
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    Let me see if I understand you correctly. You state that you do 12 to 16 hours of normal part time work in 3.5? is that correct?

    Carry that thought one step further. I work 10 hours. In that time I do 50 hours worth of "normal" full time work. So I need to get paid more too. Like $145 an hour. Hell, why not make it $200. Im worth it. Besides my 1987 Isuzu Pup needs a new paint job.