Energy Solution or Pipe Dream?


Where next? Venice
This sounds like really exciting news. I do hope this is real and will virtually end our dependence on middle-east oil.

What will become of the Saudi royal family ond others of their ilk?


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I could use one of those down here in my basement studio right now. :D

That would be a fantastic thing if it is real and not squished by big business that decides they would lose too much captive profits from us. :p


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We need to talk OK

"I could use one of those down here in my basement studio right now"

Like music studio? We definately need to talk or more so I need to talk to you for some advice.


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No, actually it is a video studio as I am a videographer by passion and only a UPS clerk by necessity. :p

One wall of my studio is lined by an entire wall of mahagony bookshelves filled with Science Fiction primarily and a huge old fashion desk.

That side doesn't get much action outside of adding more books occasionally too, but I enjoy the ambience.

A second wall consists of drawers for video tape and DVDs flanking a fairly realistic looking electric fireplace.

I'd keep the fireplace for additional ambience, but I'd love to maintain the warmth with a cheap quantom physics disclaimer.

The remaining two walls are wall to wall desk space filled with VCRs, DVD players, recorders, various other video paraphenalia, three PCs and five monitors.

The 42 inch Panasonic Plasma is primarily for playback enjoyment, the 24 inch flat panel LCD Dell is my primary editor.

These are flanked by the three 20 inch old fashion CRT monsters linked to the PCs, including this one where I address contractual issues and irritate bush idolizers. :p

I would not consider myself an expert in the music arena as I am a good two decades away from that passion when I could have quoted distortion stats on the top twenty exotic models, etc. :D:cool:

Family obligations and expenses has forced me to narrow down the parameters and how much I spend on toys.
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This Blacklight scam pops up year after year.

If anybody is interested, there are several fairly interesting but hopeless books out about zero-point energy; if your local bookstore carries an astrology section they may have some on the shelves. If not they may special order; or not.


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WOW! Video, pretty cool!

When you said studio I just thought music as I have 3 daughters who are musicians and the need for a home studio is now a reality. I am currently reading several sound technican manuals to bone up for the big step. Their band has a PA system that I run and I'm getting better and better at running but I have to take details notes at every venue as I learn so that when we re-visit the venue or go to a similar type I hopefully will know what does and does not work.

Matter of fact I've got to wrap up my online visit as their band is coming over in a couple of hours to jam so like any good roadie, I've got work to do!


Hey wait a minute, now I know who to call when they do their first music video! ;)

For a scam it sure has generated a lot of interest and as you said that it crops up ever year, you would think after so many years this would get no interest. Funny that none of the nay sayers (several listed by name and position) in the articles mentioned anything about a scam or the fact this outfit for years has been involved with one. You might contact the Guardian or these folks in the article and let them know so they don't continue to waste their or our time. Thanks for bringing this scam to light!


"I understand the radical change in the nature of our enemy, but that doesn't mean we make a radical change in the nature of America."

Why not? Our enemy has shown itself to be very creative in how they attack us. We expected terrorist woudl hijack our planes no one ever thought they would fly them into buildings. I don't think anyone envisioned suicide bombers or a bomber who would try to blow up a plane with explosives in the soles of his shoes. What action would require a radical change in america?


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Interesting post but could you fill me in on what this is relating to in this thread? I'm unable to find what you are quoting from and responding too. Besides what does this have to do with a possible energy solution? Unless you are suggesting we fuel electrical power generating stations by burning up terrorists instead of coal. Only problem with that idea is we'd still be dependant on the arab world. Oooooo that was coldblooded! LOL!

What's that smell?