Ex-UPS worker gets 4 years in prison


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Ex-UPS worker gets 4 years in prison - Susquehanna Twp News

A Susquehanna Twp. woman who used her job with UPS to help her boyfriend and others ship marijuana into the midstate has been sentenced to 4 years in a federal prison.


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I find it amusing that her lawyer claimed that she was the victim...

I should have pursued a law degree. To get paid to come up with this type of defense strategy requires much less effort than I put forth every day :happy2:


four years was not near long enough. She STORED, TRANSPORTED, used her position to deny detection while shipping(she knew the customs and PA State Police officers schedule), DISTRIBUTED, and MANIPULATED. For these crimes she now is a convicted FELON!!! NO MERCY TO DRUG DEALERS>>>PERIOD!