Experience w/ Internal Job Postings - currently a PT sup.

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    I've been with the company for 5 years. I worked 4 as a union preloader, was a shop steward for a couple of years but decided it would be better for my career to cross over so I moved to a PT supervisor position last year in a new center after an educational transfer.

    I will be graduating in December with an accounting degree and wish to move into a finance/accounting related position in the corporate or IT sector of UPS. I have been researching positions listed in the internal job postings on UPSers and I am open for any location. I would like to hear from anyone who has had any experience in these areas or with the internal posting process.

    Has anyone out there been through the internal posting process? Should I be coordinating with my FT sup or directly with my manager?

    This is what I desire to do and I have my reasons for wanting to build a career with UPS so please save me any negativity about career alternatives. I also know how seemingly impossible it is for a pt sup to move into a ft operations sup position, so please save those speeches also. I'm talking pt ops sup w/ accounting degree --> ft corporate or IT.

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    Accounting people at UPS work unGodly hours.
    IT positions with financial aspect are located in Bergan County, NJ.
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    If you haven't already, you need to complete the MAPP process. Get with your FT supv\Mgr about this. You will need this to be eligible for FT positions at UPS. There aren't a lot of Finance people at UPS, except as Photog mentioned in NJ and also down in Atlanta. There's a handful of positions in the district and region offices. Keep in mind, also take a look at operational FT assignments if a job as a finance person isn't available. I am not suggesting you become an on road supv for life. However, if you do (in two or three years) get a job in finance at UPS, having operational knowledge will be a benefit. If you don't, then having a FT supervisor position at UPS is still valuable on a resume. Good luck.
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    There is considerable growth and focus in some of the subsidiaries. I would recommend reading up on the most recent 10-K and proxies, get a feel for the performance and market conditions of each business unit (Freight, Cartage, Air Forwarding, Ocean Forwarding, Brokerage, SPL, Mail Innovations, etc).

    Then look for F&A openings near you or near Atlanta, Louisville or Mahwah. Odds are you will find something within a year.

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    Thanks! I have completed the MAPP and I have not ruled out operations positions entirely but I would really prefer to get away from the "dirty work" and hard physical labor. I feel I've put in my time for the passed several years and chose a business career path so I would not have to put my body at risk everyday, sweat my ass of during summer months, and freeze in the winter.

    In my current position as PT preload sup. I'm still doing hourly work every single day and my FT supervisor and other Full timers in the hub are still working their asses off every day.

    I'm not really concerned with the work hours associated with any position as long as its somewhat related to my desired field of work, but I surely do not want to be in what I like to call a "glorified package handler" position in operations. I'd rather not have to leave work every day with dust layered on my face and an aching neck or back.
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    Thanks! I've been looking into landing something in the northeast (basically anywhere north of North Carolina) around March of next year.
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    You must've been a horrible shop steward for them to not terminate you the second you got into management.
    ...or maybe they were in your pockets from the beginning!
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    I was a damn good shop steward but crossed over once I transferred and realized that mgmt and stewards are golf buddies in this district. 95% of the hourly employees probably don't know what a grievance is and as a sup I'm doing more of their work than they do. IMO the weakness of the union here is pretty embarrassing so I decided to be the one screwing not the one getting screwed.
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    I don't blame you --- was just cracking a joke. Best of luck to you come Decemeber when you graduate. Take care