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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by DS, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. DS

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    I want ideas.I have tons of old comics.Mostly a mishmash from all publishers.
    I want to sell them.Other than Sgt. Fury and his howling commandos my nicest ones are
    the original superman series from issue 150 and up.They are near mint copies all in bags.
    They list at about $250 each,I thought about selling them online,separately as to get the best
    price,but I'd have to scan each one and that is very time consuming.
    I'd be happy to get 1/3 of that if someone would buy them all.
    Taking them to a comic store was like I'll give you $1200 for 3000 comics.
    Screw that.Maybe I should frame them and sell them as art for $500 apiece.
    Here's a link to a free comic price site to get the idea... The Free Comic Book Price Guide Database & Community - Use our database to track your comic book collection
  2. rod

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    Basically the internet (especially E-bay) has cut the price of all things collectable. What was once "hard to find" is now only a click away---plus 10 more of the same thing for less. Coming from a long line of "collectors" I can only say "good luck" getting anywhere near what you feel is a fair price. I get a kick out of that "Diggers" show on tv. Supposedly you can dig up a rusty hunk of crap out of the ground and sell it for thousands of dollars----sure you can. Look at the prices that they offer on Pawn Stars and American Pickars and compare that to what they say they could sell it for. Everyone I've ever talked to who has visited the Pawn Stars pawn shop in Vegas says nobody buys anything because its all priced way too high. I just saw an episode of American Pawn that is filmed in Detroit. Some guy brought in 2 big boxes of old comics in mint condition (no #1 Supermans or Batmans) and he wanted $2,000 for them --- he ended up selling them to those crooks for $200.
  3. DS

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    I realize that Rod,that's why I'm probing the minds of you guys to help me pay for our new dishwasher.
    At some point I have to sell them.Nobody cares but me.My idea for a comic book as a framed picture might interest some folks.It's art that will always go up in value.
  4. brownedout

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    DS it just seems that this whole "market" has collapsed. When I started driving back in '93 there must have been about 5 storefront operations that were baseball cards, comics, memorabilia, collectibles. Plus another home address on each of the 7 routes where the person worked/shipped out of their houses. Within 2 to3 years all these people were closed down. It just never rose again. As rod said there just a glut of this stuff on the internet which further drives prices down. My brother is in the same boat as you, loads of mint condition classics unopened baseball cards. 20 years ago the stuff was a goldmine, who woulda thought it would not just dry up but essentially vanish? God luck to you.
  5. klein

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    It's like a stamp collection, if you ever done that. The listing price is always double of what you'll get (if lucky).
    So, you're looking at a max of $100 for a $250 listed comic.
    That's a fact !
    Framing won't help a thing , you'll just spend more money that you'll never get in return.