FDX 3rd quarter earnings double

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    Congrats to FDX, their earnings report was better than excepted. Now that means that the Number 1 company should fall in line with their numbers. In 2013 you will be asked to pay for Health Care and take no raise or even give back. The economy is turning around and UPS and FDX are both major players in the World economy.
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    very impressive, if it's true.................link?
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    the quarter they were comparing to was pretty bad. Looks like the street expected even better results.
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    Actually, as the headline read, the shareholders wanted to see more volume !
    They think just like the mangers at UPS. Volume counts more then money !

    I'm sure the shareholders were taught that at the shareholder meetings.
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    Ahh so thats how you invest? strictly off headlines?

    fdx trades what 8 million shares a day? I wonder how many of those traders actually know fdx's volume numbers? you realize ups shies away from unprofitable volume?
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    Nope, done day trading for a few years. You need to invest before the headline hits. Once the headline hits, and you invest, stocks go down in the near term.
    Lets just say, I became wiser, I invest weekly and bi weekly now (2 seperate accounts). Now, that the stock market is almost basically back to where it once was 2 years ago (particular the nasdaq). I'm running in the profit, for buying low the whole last year, on a weekly basis.
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    Whats interesting to me is the fact that their profit compared to ours is so much less. It is more than obvious that they operate at far less cost then we do, but UPS still squeezes more profit out then they do.
    Part of me believes that they purposely are operating this way so they can cry poor mouth in regards to their ability to pay union wages.
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    no offense but any idiot could make a profit in this market under these conditions.:happy-very:
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    its an interesting point. I would guess thats also a reason they are reinstating benifits thus making unionization less attractive.
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    When did they decide to do this. I didn't know Fedex had retracted benefits.
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    its in todays announcements. I think it may have spooked investors initially. But fdx doubling earnings and giving positive outlook eventually won out.
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    Or, any idiot could have lost a huge amount of money in the same conditions (short selling, or panic selling when the market was low).
    There were a few short sellers here on bc, ask them, how they made out.
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    The puny 401k match came back on March 1st, and we got a 2.2% raise. Neither will change anyone's mind about going union. Compared to UPS, FedEx is not well-managed, a point you just made in stating that their profits are much less than UPS despite having enormous competitive advantages in both Ground and Air. Even though hourlies are poorly compensated, our upper-level execs make huge money and our pilots are the best paid in the industry.

    You're also right about them crying about their inability to pay union wages. Lower top executive pay would be a great start in the right direction. Smith's RLA exemption is really a defacto government subsidy that needs to go away. If and when it does, FedEx will finally have to pay the wages that attract top-performers to the job instead of the wannabes we hire today.

    UPS people make the difference, and better employees are more productive and highly profitable. Mr Smith has never quite figured this out, and thinks that customers don't notice when an unshaven,smelly non-professional shows up at the door or the dock with their package.
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    Business understate their quarterly earnings. Then end of quarter arrives. All of sudden the business made more they what they expected, it's not true earnings. They set the bar low, so the fund managers will hold their stock and not sell them. Their messing with accounting numbers. If bussiness gets caught. Then it's called professional malpractice in accounting.
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    Gee moreluck, good thing I check out the stockmarket after closing. Fedex is up 3.2% today !

    FDX $92.67 [​IMG] 3.2% NYSE

    Mar. 17, 2010 Market Close: $ 89.80

    Mar. 18, 2010 Market Close: $ 92.67

    (taken from the nasdaq summary) : In other corporate news, FedEx (FDX 92.67, +2.87), Nike (NKE 74.66, +3.78), and Guess (GES 47.35, +0.67) all announced better-than-expected earnings. Shares of all three names booked new 52-week highs this session.
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    Nope down again to 92.39 in after hours trading.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Double earnings? The economy is in a slow motion recovery. I think this company is reporting inflated numbers. I would think the earnings for both of our companys would be gradual, not shoot up like a rocket. Let's see how they do in their next quarter and maybe they will report more believable numbers.
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    The OP posted this to find another venue to complain about 2727's issue. Same whine, different thread.