Fed-Ex testing hi-tech process



FedEx's new diad:

Fed-Ex testing hi-tech process

A few interesting clippings from the article:

The shipping company is testing new handled computers, called PowerPads, for its couriers that will enable them to provide customers with real-time information about their packages by using AT&T's cellular network, said chief information officer Rob Carter, who spent Wednesday showing off the PowerPads to workers at the FedEx technology center in Irving.

"Because the world is becoming more global, we're spending more of our IT money on trying to make international shipping as easy as possible," Carter said.

Those PowerPads also will have built-in wireless technology that will allow couriers to automatically print bar code labels from a printer in the truck without having to use a wire connection.

The PowerPads, which replace existing hand-helds that were originally developed in 1985, are now being tested in the Metroplex and will be distributed to all FedEx couriers starting next year, Carter said.

The new hand-helds and ball point pens with built-in wireless technology are part of FedEx's three-year plan to upgrade its technology to make it easier for customers and employees, the company said. While most companies have cut spending on information technology services, FedEx has maintained its $1.3 billion IT budget, Carter said.


I've seen side by side comparisons between the PowerPad and DIAD IV.

With the exception that the powerpad is smaller and lighter, its not even close.

BTW, UPS chose the size of DIAD IV so that it would be easier for drivers to key enter into it (even with gloves).



UPS still is ahead of the ball game when it comes to technology. The public perception is different. Many think we are still driving the first package car, and don't own one of the largest airlines in the world.