FedEx Aims for 30 Percent Biofuels by 2030

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    FedEx Aims for 30 Percent Biofuels by 2030 - Reuters

    FedEx wants a third of its jet fuel to come from biofuels by 2030, the company’s chief executive said Wednesday in a speech delivered during a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit.

    The target, dubbed “30 by 30,” aims to take advantage of second-generation biofuels from feedstocks such as jatropha, algae, switchgrass and camelina, as first reported by GreenWire. FedEx provided text of Smith's remarks to
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    More "green" talk from the least green company on the planet. FedEx has rolled-out numerous pilot projects over the years to generate publicity for alternative fuels and the net results have been barely a blip on the radar.

    They build a few test vehicles for "evaluation", hype them to the greatest possible extent, and then drop the project when the hoopla dies down. In the meantime, they keep running some of the most polluting vehicles on the road, and are the number 2 user of jet fuel in the entire world. Only the US Air Force burns more Jet-A.

    If the greenies ever figured out the carbon footprint of shipping something via FedEx they'd be in hysterics. This would be the real reason for this announcement, because words are about as far as this project will go. More smoke and mirrors from the masters of PR bullsheet.