FedEx Anti-Union Policies

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    Has anyone successfully been able to post (and have it stay up) union information at their station? While it's probably ill-advised to tempt fate, we have a legal right to inform fellow employees in non-work areas. Isn't it odd that one never sees bulletin boards that are common at other employers, listing items for sale, goods and services, etc. If I wanted to sell a bicycle, for example, I'd have to ask permission to post it, which would, of course, be denied. Wonder why that is...

    If the RLA exemption goes away, it's going to be interesting to see how FedEx handles it. On one hand, they aren't supposed to be able to post or speak anti-union hyperbole (but they do), and on the other, we should be able to post Teamster information,but cannot. I've contacted the Labor Board in my state, and they aren't really interested in enforcing the law. I also asked them if the anti-union meetings held by management were legal, and again, they said that they probably were (illegal) but that in the current fiscal crisis it likely wouldn't be pursued, at least for now.

    I'm wondering if all of these years of FedEx actively and purposefully denying employees their rights has the making of a class-action suit? One could argue that we've been denied the right of collective bargaining based on a corporate plan to keep the unions out. Based on the number of people who have been terminated, harassed, or otherwise hassled by FedEx for daring to discuss unions either via postings or parking lot conversations, it wouldn't be that difficult to prove, and the potential payout could be substantial. Consider the hundreds of millions of dollars FedEx has saved at our expense through a very successful, completely planned strategy that comes straight from the top.

    I have access to memos and emails from senior managers and district directors that specifically target employees for monitoring and being placed on "watch lists". These memos name managers specifically assigned to keep an eye on said employee, and then look for opportunities to OLCC them, issue letters, and build a case for their termination on any basis possible.

    I cannot make legal solicitations on this site, but I can ask if others of you out there are aware of similar experiences. I suspect that there are plenty of other examples out there of FedEx taking specific anti-union actions in addition to the usual items like the breakroom and other non-work areas.

    FedEx has gotten away with this for far too long. I still see and hear of employees who think they actually could get a union under the RLA if they wanted to. Technically, yes, but realistically, NO, and they need to get an education very quickly about just how far FedEx is willing to go to stay non-union.
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    Like it or not, the breakroom is still FedEx property and they can say what may and may not be posted. However, it is not really that simple and that's also the problem with asking someone if anti-union meetings are illegal. It's not what you say, it's how you say it and that goes for both sides.
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    The breakroom may be FedEx property, but non-work areas are supposed to be available for union literature and/or discussion. It really is that simple. By effectively disallowing anything to be posted, FedEx is breaking the law. I don't know about your station, but our senior gave his ant-union talk from his laptop, and guess what? It was the same as that given by all of our local senior managers. He's not bright enough to have come-up with it on his own, so it came from Memphis. Again, legally, management isn't supposed to advocate for or against a union. They are supposed to allot equal time. Think that's ever going to happen?

    Same deal with the parking lot. FedEx may own or lease it, but if you're off the clock it's also considered a non-work area, and I should be able to stand out there and pass-out information all day long of I want. So should the Teamsters, if they had enough initiative to actually make an appearance.
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    I've heard of employees distributing information through drop boxes. I haven't actually seen any of this because I haven't done pickups in years but I thought it was very funny. It's obvious that FedEx is openly anti-union and really has never had anyone who is able to stand up and challenge them on this issue.