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    Heard they will be buying out some employees,didn't hear if this was mgt or drivers...any thoughts?
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    I really couldn't believe no one had posted about this two day old news. I believe it's all types of buyouts. Looking to cut lots of jobs.
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    well it took 31 years for it to catch up to them. THEYplayed games with rps, fed x ground . , and . how many taxe breaks did :greedy:fedx get? now its time to pay up fred smith had to step down due to his age that was part of his deal. he made with his own did it wright payed everything cash paid fines taxes and everything thing by the book . and now its paying off . fedx will always be around not as big. I think DHLwill be back bigger than ever, Theyfigured out there mistakes and waited for fedx to mess up. DHL has plenty of cash there just watching and waiting
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    i had a customer tell me recently that, despite ruining UPS goofing up a 400,000$ contract for her, she still uses us because we're better than our competition
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    There is a very active thread in the FedEx forum on this topic. The buyout will be limited to support staff---employees who handle packages or are involved with package operations will not be offered the buyout. The consensus is that employees who do not take the buyout now may be involuntarily separated at a later date.
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    Something about tsunamis
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    Not sure what you're talking about but I don't think he stepped down.
    FedEx CEO Frederick Smith Sees Pay Nearly Double To $13.7 Million
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    Please tell me you typed this on a cellphone?
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    No he probably didnt that's his style. Don't mess with him he is a brown cafe icon.
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    Fred is part owner of the Redskins, get rid of Grossman he can save several million right there.