FedEx cup a bust once again

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by DorkHead, Sep 27, 2009.

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    Well, another year and everybody knew who the winner was before the tournament was over. Kudos to Phil Mickelson for playing a outstanding round today to win the Tour Championship. Tiger wins the Cup again and doesn`t kiss the Cup again on National T.V. He wins ten million dollars spread out over ten years and still no kiss. I guess that shows just how important it is to him. Even Phil didn`t have much to say about it when asked. I`m sure Fred Smith isn`t pleased.

    They have this complex points system which just doesn`t work. Why not have a tournament at the end of the season that includes the players with the most top ten finishes of the season. That way the best players over the whole year will be in it and the winner on Sunday takes all. It`s not rocket science Fred!!!
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    We're going "broke", yet FedEx can sponsor the FedEx Cup or whatever it's called, along with a NASCAR team. I guess I'm a little confused on this one because I don't follow golf very closely. Did FedEx sponsor an entire series of tournaments or just the one they usually pay for?
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