FedEx Draws Consumer Scorn for Late Shipments

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    FedEx Draws Consumer Scorn for Late Shipments - Bloomberg

    FedEx said in an e-mailed statement it was running an expanded operation and delivering the “remaining delayed shipments along with our normal Saturday volume.” Packages bound for residences were getting priority, the company said.

    The efforts to complete Christmas deliveries reflect the increasing importance of online orders as a source of holiday gifts -- and the extreme time-sensitivity of those shipments. It said “heavier than planned last-minute shipment volumes” also added to the delays. In 2013, a late e-commerce surge converged with winter weather to leave UPS unable to meet its on-time promises, triggering an avalanche of social-media complaints.
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    I said it when UPS had their "fail" in '13 and I'll say it now:

    If your Christmas was "ruined" because you didn't get your 2016 Special Release Super Gadget With the Kung-fu Grip and Complimentary Windows Washer, I feel sorry for you...but not because it didn't arrive in time for the celebration of the birth of our Lord or for any secular celebration that inhabits the same time-space continuum. I feel sorry for you because you have succumbed to the sad commercial falsehood that "stuff" brings happiness.

    Do yourself a favor. Go hunt down the gift you got on time last year and put it to use...if you even remember what it was.

    Better yet, go hug your family even if you don't get along. More so if for you don't get along. If they ask you, "What's that for?" tell them it's a special delivery from Fedex.
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    Who took the jelly out of your doughnut?
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    Nobody. I just don't care about lot about "stuff". Love being around friends and family. Don't give a crappy about presents. Strangely, I haven't cared about them since I was about 12.
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    Exactly. It's all about your friends and family. I would love to take the commercialism out of Christmas. For years, I've tried to get my family to just exchange cards and forget the gifts, which are largely meaningless and often given out of obligation. And I'm not even a Christian.

    I love the Christmas season, but not all of the garbage that is attached to it.