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    I'm sure you all are aware of the Teamsters organizing of Fedex Freight. If not it is happening now. So please take the time if you have a chance to talk to a driver about the benefits of the UNION.
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    Fed Ex freight around here I believe is subcontracted out just like UPS Freight is to Overnite.

    I'd love to see all the non union guys off the road, but I do believe the biggest threats are the immigrant truck drivers doing LTL work especially local deliveries.

    I'm all for independent business owners and entrepreneurship but these drivers are working for mostly unclaimed income like cash therefore not contributing federal and local income tax as well as social security and medicare.

    Glad to hear the Teamsters are close to organizing at least one of Fred's venture. I hear they've had success with conway freight too.
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    We bought Overnite and their drivers are now UPS employees.

    Try to keep up.
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    UPS owns Overnite. You know that right???

    Also, FE freight is the largest LTL carrier in the US currently. Organizing them has been one of the smartest things the Teamsters could do.
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    Overnite no longer exists. UPS bought them and they are now UPS employees who also belong to the union.

    It is UPS Freight and they are unionized.
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    Unionized and bad ass
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    Do we sell Fedex Freight on the popular Teamcare or the failed Teamster Pension plans?

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Have you seen our health and pension plans?
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    Did you ever compare our popular health and failed pension to what a Fedex driver gets? I'm sure our yearly raises, paid vacations, sonority list, able to grieve a dispute would differ from theirs.
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    I read on these boards that Teamcare sucks, Hoffa and hall are sellouts, we have a garbage Solidcontract, pensions are failed ponzi schemes etc.

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    Even if that were all true it would still be better than what FedEx .offers
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    guess you got a good, point, Fedex you can sit down with your own boss and negotiate your own raise, lots don't even have insurance so you could go buy the best they offer for you and your family, sad contract with UPS when some drivers are over 100k a year and you can invest also your dollars into your own pension fund with Fedex since UPS does this for you.