FedEx openly threatening jobs.

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    On the brownbailout website which is run by FDX corp they are now openly threatening jobs as a result of the RLA status change. The blog entry entitled "Jobs threatened by RLA Change" summarizes the illegal stance that FedEx is now taking to deal with this Union campaign. Both NLRA and RLA guidelines prohibit employers from threatening jobs as a result of a Union campaign. The blog entry can be found here:

    The videos are entertaining, in one interview with Maury Lane he is asked about many people saying that if everyone is happy at FedEx then the employees won't vote for a Union. His response is that FedEx has been voted on Forbes best places to work list many times.
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    The journalist in that second video talks like a robot.

    Maury Lane, class act. It's like hearing a statement from North Korea's state-run media, or from Tariq Aziz as Baghdad was being bombed. I wonder how that guy sleeps at night knowing that his misinformation is directly responsible for the suppression of workers' rights at FedEx.
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    The Aziz comparison is perfect. Even as US tanks had completely encircled the building from which he was speaking, he was still proclaiming a glorious victory for Iraq.

    Maury Lane is much the same. I'm sure he's paid handsomely to lie and he's quite good at it. Every time FedEx is about to lose a major lawsuit they say, "We deny wrongdoing and will vigorously defend ourselves" even as they are negotiating behind the scenes to try and make an out of court settlement in order to save money.

    FedEx could be completely losing the battle over the RLA and stil have Maury Lane stating the exact opposite. How is it that FedEx consistently flaunts the laws regarding overt anti-union actions and the Teamsters say absoulutely nothing in response?
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    Just IMO here, and I could easily be wrong.

    FedEx will claim it is not the "union activity or campaign" that is threatening the jobs, it is the RLA switch to the NRLB. The "threat of strikes/work stoppages" that the switch would bring is the culprit - and that is not the same as a union campaign to organize - it is a fine line.

    Theorhetically that would be FedExs pov if confronted.
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    I think you are exactly right. There is probably some legal loophole that they have thought about. I just think it shows extreme desperation that they are actually saying that people are going to lose their jobs now as a result of this RLA change. They are tying to trump up extreme fear and it seems like a very sad move.
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    Yeah I am not sure especially on the sidelines and not being informed as FedExers, pro-union, or other type.

    Upon further review and thought, It does seem like they are one in the same - technically if FedEx is threatening jobs due to the RLA change to NLRA, this would seem to me anyway to be proof of threatening jobs due to union campaign - as they are closely tied together.

    That of course is my logic and its probable that the high-octane lawyer team for FedEx has already investigated this and come to the conclusion that it is a safe rolling of the dice!

    Now much like what I have seen at UPS, FedEx is probably going to push every button and do anything possible including walking the fine line. Yes they may pay for it later, and even if there are loophole(s) to be exploited that does NOT mean that they will necessarily run with it successfuly, too.

    UPS operates this way - make snap decisions that benefit their operations and numbers NOW and not worry about the repercussions in the latter stages. Step over the dollar to make the dime so to speak.
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    Does anyone know of any labor lawyers who would look at this situation to investigate the legal aspects of it? There are several other media articles where Maury Lane insinuates that people will lose their jobs as a result of this Classification change, most can be found on brownbailout's newsroom page.
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    I read on another board that Fed-X was trying to change the couriers from full time to part time ,as they get the same benefits.With the part timer's the turn over would be great and of course ,then it would be harder to get the vote for the union if the change from NRA to NLRA goes into effect. I of course think that if they change over to part time , they're TOAST. I think that Fed-X has many loyal people right now and the change over to part time would kill any loyality still left .
    Just my 2 cents
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    Not sure if I agree that they have totally loyal employees. You have to remember that FedEx employees aren't allowed to speak openly about the company. FedEx even has you sign something that says you can be terminated for doing so. That is why FedEx is fighting the RLA classification so hard because they know it's true.