FedEx partners with Gawad Kalinga to build schools

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    FedEx partners with Gawad Kalinga to build schools

    October 14, 2008

    MANILA, Oct. 14 -– Federal Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of FexEx Corp., the world’s largest express transportation company, recently partnered with Gawad Kalinga (GK) to construct schools in eight underprivileged communities in the Philippines.

    In an agreement signed by both companies, FedEx committed to provide funding for the construction of school buildings and classrooms, as well as the salaries of two teachers per school for two years.
    David J. Ross, Regional Vice-President, FedEx South Pacific, said “At FedEx, we are committed to improving childhood education for the underprivileged in the communities where we do business.”
    He added, “Through this partnership with GK, we believe education can become a primary tool in enabling less fortunate children to realize their dreams and positively transform their lives.”
    Jose Tale, GK Chairman, said “We are excited that we have been able to implement successful program that have helped in the development of the children. By working closely with FedEx, we are able to communicate the necessary knowledge and values among our youth that can help create more sustainable communities.”
    FedEx employees will volunteer in the construction of these schools, through simple masonry work, painting and furnishing work.
    Recently, FedEx and GK had a groundbreaking at Multinational Village in Paranaque City called the “FedEx-Gawad Kalinga Sibol School.” The schools aim to deliver quality and value-based education to pre-school-aged children in underprivileged communities.
    Volunteers for both organizations will build more FedEx GK Sibol schools in the cities of Subic, Quezon City and Paranaque, Bacolod City in the Visayas, and Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao.
    A total of 936 children will have their lives positively transformed by access to education as the result of the FedEx’s commitment to this project.
    GK is a multi-million sectoral volunteer movement that builds integrated, holistic and sustainable communities focusing first and foremost on depressed areas throughout the Philippines.
    Under their Sibol Program, values-based education is provided to pre-school-aged children.
    The FedEx GK Sibol schools will be used primarily for pre-school classes, but will also be used after school hours by FedEx and GK volunteers to conduct activities such as tutorials, story-telling, and arts and crafts sessions.
    During the 2006-2007 schoolyear, nursery and preparatory classes for 47 students were conducted in two temporary classrooms which had been prepared by parent volunteers to accommodate pre-school enrollees.
    Students received additional exposure during monthly community days, as well as during educational trips. (PNA)
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    Excellent post!
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    Thank you very much, but MrFedEx still doesn't get it.
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    Did you ever stop to think that FedEx is trying to expand it's international business as the domestic market declines? While it's great to help others, FedEx is looking to get positive PR in the Phillipines. I fully expect to see more charitable projects abroad for the exact same reason. Notice how they never help in countries that have no potential economic benefit to FedEx? Have you ever heard of any FedEx programs in an African nation, for example? No freight=no assistance. The Sudan could use a little help these days, but the Sudanese don't ship Courier-Paks or anything else for that matter.

    It's OK to screw US employees blind, and take away their pensions, as long as the company does good work in the charitable arena? If you actually worked for FedEx you'd see the very obvious pattern of their "giving" because it's all designed to eventually benefit FedEx.

    It's kind of like missionary work, where help is available, but ONLY if the unfortunates accept Christ, the Bible etc, and convert from whatever "demonic" faith (or shipper) the people being "helped" might already have (UPS,DHL). If the business doesn't pick-up in the Phillipines, FedEx will cancel the help...simple as that.

    By the way, FedEx is moving it's SE Asian hub from the Phillipines to Guangzhou, China. Is it possible that FedEx is trying to do a little image repair work to preserve it's "stellar" reputation? Perhaps so.
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