FedEx stock options?

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    Frederick W. Smith, chairman, president and CEO of FedEx Corp., has acquired 300,000 shares of the company's common stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

    In a Form 4 filed with the SEC Monday, the founder of the shipping giant bought the shares for $31.98 each, spending $9.6 million on the acquisition. Smith then disposed of 175,800 shares at prices ranging from $92.69 to $93.01.

    Insiders file Form 4s with the SEC to report transactions in their companies' shares. Transactions must be reported within two business

    What an easy way to make some money!
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    Let's see....why did Mr Smith exercise his stock options now? Could it be the impending huge settlement with the IRS over FedEx Ground, or the still possible merger with DHL? Both would tank FedEx stock and cost Fred millions in lost income. Watch for something significant in the next few weeks.
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    Why would FedEx want to merge with the worst delivery company in the United States? I read on here somewhere that DHL had a on time delivery percentage of around 70 and that was even worse than the USPS! DHL is a joke.
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    If FedEx "buys" DHL, it will likely be a cherry-picking arrangement that benefits both sides. For example, DHL might handle marginal FedEx operations in Europe, and FedEx may take over delivery on some inbound international DHL volume. It's doubtful FedEx has any interest in DHL's US operations, which, as you pointed out,have terrible service and also lose big money. One scenario has the DHL domestic operation being spun-off as an independent entity, which would be killed-off quickly in the express market by the competition.

    The current rumor at FedEx Express is that our sales reps are actively courting large DHL accounts and telling them that we (FedEx) will be taking over a large portion of their operations in short order. My sales rep friends aren't saying anything right now.
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    I doubt FDX will buy DHL, most of there infastructure would end up being
    duplicates of what FDX has, why have 2 "stations" in town X when the one
    thats there already covers it fine, Volume? well if DHL closes its not like
    anyone is guarenteed those packages.
    Sales reps are selling Fear to DHL customers, which in turn will help collapse DHL.
    As some will abandon ship early.. where they go it all depends on how well the Sales
    Reps spin it.

    FDX will probably sell DHL space on Planes to keep them full, and to actually Help DHL
    time in transit. Including International Cargo as well. FDX is after unclaimed market or weak markets. I see something involving Alaska.. and Asia... thats of course just speculation.