Feds: UPS Manager Finds Marijuana In Package, Sells It

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    ATLANTA -- A UPS Manager is accused of stealing a package filled with marijuana and selling the contents inside, Acting United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said.Anna Wright, 33, of Atlanta, was arrested on charges of making false statements to federal agents.Authorities said they alerted Wright that a certain mail box in her store might receive a package containing contraband. Investigators said Wright agreed to contact the United States Postal Inspectors if that were the case. But rather than calling Postal Inspectors when the mail box received a package, authorities said Wright stole the parcel, which contained several pounds of marijuana, and sold most of the drugs for profit.“Not only did this defendant abuse her position as a UPS Store manager by stealing a package, she then distributed marijuana found in the package and lied to the federal agents,” said Yates.Wright made an initial court appearance Friday before United States Magistrate Judge E. Clayton Scofield, III.“The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is responsible for keeping the U.S. mail safe from all illegal contraband. We often rely on the public for information during our investigations. It's a betrayal of trust when they lie to Postal Inspectors. This is unacceptable,” said Martin D. Phanco, Postal Inspector in Charge of the Atlanta Division.Each of the charges carry a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

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    Sounds like a UPS store employee. Either way, thank you for the neg pub, enjoy your time in jail.
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    Great, now the drug dealers know who she is and will seek revenge! :anxious:
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    Gee, would have been nice if there was some sort of mention that UPS stores are independently owned and operated. Of course that would lessen the sensationalism of the whole thing.

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    That was a very misleading title to the article. It took halfway through the paragraph to mention it was a UPS Store manager which really has no affiliation.

    In this recession, it has become commonplace to see people stealing a few bucks while risking a criminal record. This week alone, I think like 10 banks got robbed in CT or attempted. In the past, you'd be lucky to see 2 a year. Financial pressures were definitly involved here.
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    For a minute there I thought there was going to be a party at Hoax`s house.
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    ...every day is a party at Hoax's house.
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    Real UPS Managers only steal time from my planned day.
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    Seems to be a lot of problems down in Atlanta. Didn't several other (real) managers just take the walk of shame?
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    I was told once there were a lot of banks that got robbed in NYC. They don't publicize it because they think more people would do it. Usually a bank robber seems to rob a few banks before they get caught.
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    Yep! Might as well rename security to Internal Affairs. There will be more management from the Atlanta area taking the walk of shame very soon.
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    Hey man, Buenos noches
    Be sure hide the roaches
    as the time approaches
    before we ride in coaches
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    You mean in Hoax's mind.:wink2:
    Ha Ha.:surprised:
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    It seems like a few people around here have trouble distinguishing the correct pay codes for FT drivers, Air Drivers, and Helpers.......Gotta make those magical numbers look good, you know.:blink:
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    it doesn't amaze me anymore how the quality of the media we get can be so misleading.
    when we, as upsers, know the subtle differences in this story, yet as members of the general public may not know the differences in other stories.
    with all the media outlets we have access to, how is it that they all report the same story? few of them bother to get the truth understood, they just pass the story along, straight off the wire.
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    Verbatim, +1