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    interstate last week in our blizzard of '09" for 13 hours. He started at 2:45am on Thursday morning(Christmas Eve) and got back to the hub at 4:15am Friday morning(Christmas morning). Interstate was closed and management couldn't get out there to get him. He didn't have a cellphone charger and his phone went dead Thursday evening......Talking to him it was the most memorable and miserable day of his 30 year career......Worked a total of 26 hrs and 15 minutes. My question is how will he be paid for the time worked with the current DOT regulations and so forth? 8 hrs staight time and 16 OT??????? Just curious.
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    I think its 2 additional hours of driving allowed IF the weather was not known at time of dispatch,which this sure was known. Beyond that I`m not sure. I`ve heard the stories about being stuck somewhere and having to get a hotel, but in a truck?

    I sure as heck would push for the pay.
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    In the noreaster before Christmas I left Friday afternoon and did not get home til Sunday afternoon. Was out of hours for Christmas week only worked on Wed.laid off on Thur. and get Christmas day paid. This week will only work on Mon and Today Wed. get paid holiday Thur and Fri. In our atlantic supplement I am 10 hr driver. Will get paid 10hrs for Fri. even though only worked 9hrs. They put me in hotel for 10hr, 2hrs paid after 8 hrs and $25 food allowance. On Sat on duty 13 hrs, slept in tractor 11hr paid Sun. since now six day should be doubletime. and 4 hrs on duty to get back to center.
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    Spif I was at your hub last week mon & tue. Glad I didn't have to go up Wed. night into Thur. I talked to a city driver this week at another hub and he said you guys had more snow than he had ever seen. He told me about the driver you talk about in your post.

    Cell phone charger is always a must. CB also. We had only 4 inches here so it was more of a nusiance than a danger. Plus it didnt start here till afternoon on Thur. Right when I was waking up. Whew glad I missed it. Be safe. Looks like it could be a loing winter..
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    I was stuck on I80 2 years ago, (ran out of hours) after having to sit in through a couple of road closures. Fortunately I was able to make it to a truck stop, and I finally was picked up 25 hours later and brought in. It was 8 hours straight time, 17 ot. They tried to get me to punch out there for 10 hours and drive in, after my hours reset. I know of guys that have done that, but I would not. 10 hours of sleep in a tractor is not sufficent or quality sleep, and I would not do it.
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    10 hours of sleep in a daycab is NOT 10 hrs in a "sleeper berth". Part of the intentions of the change from when your could "split" your off-duty time was they wanted a driver to spend at least 8hrs in the sleeper berth sleeping. I don't think the DOT would consider 10hrs off-duty in your cab as qualifying.
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    I wanted to throw this out although it's a little off the conversation. Our tractors cut off after 5 minutes. Now, it doesn't get God awful cold in the central east coast but being stranded anywhere in sub freezing temps with the truck cutting off every 5 minutes could be life threatening if nothing more than a pain in the *****. I've got a little cigarette lighter plug-in heater that does nothing more than warm a finger as backup. I think the engine cut-off should be suspended during winter months.
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    We brought that up in our last safety meeting and were told we'll get back to you..........that was in Nov...........
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    I was fortunate to get in and off the clock at 8:15 Thurs morning before it hit.........Wasn't as bad over here in the NE part of the state as what they got around the hub........
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    In the CH Macks, if you turn the CC on and get the RPM'S up, and hit set, they will continually run.
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    No the D.O.T. would not, indeed
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    you are allowed 2 additional drive hrs in adverse weather conditions as long as you don't go over 14 hrs total onduty ( per dot officer at scales )

    we had to lay over after a big storm a couple weeks ago. all time is paid for except 10 hr layover time. we can turn in receipts for meals.

    if you run out of hrs and have to be picked up you TA after you are out of hrs ( and put town /state ) and go on other activities and when done put PAID TRAVEL/

    make sure you take smart card out of IVIS when on road supe i driving.
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    Not to make light of this driver's tribulation but his trial reminds me of a Garth Brook's song, Cold Shoulder:

    There's a fire burning bright
    At our house tonight
    Slow music playing
    And soft candlelight
    On her lips I keep tasting
    The warm red wine
    I'm there in her arms
    But it's all in my mind

    The snow is piled high on the highway tonight
    I'm a ship lost at sea on this ocean of white
    Eighteen wheels anchored somewhere out of Dover
    I wish I could hold her
    Instead of huggin' this old cold shoulder

    This old highway
    Is like a woman sometimes
    She can be your best friend
    But she's the real jealous kind
    She's the lady that leads me
    To the life I dream of
    She's the mistress that keeps me
    From the ones that I love

    The snow is piled high on the highway tonight
    I'm a ship lost at sea on this ocean of white
    Eighteen wheels anchored somewhere out of Dover
    I wish I could hold her
    Instead of huggin' this old cold shoulder
    God, I wish I could hold her
    Instead of huggin' this old cold shoulder
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    Well put....
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    well, i did retain some of my training, boss.
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    I talked to him yesterday and he was short the 16 hrs overtime from last week for Christmas eve and Christmas morning........No motels in the area..Spent the whole time in his tractor....26 hrs