Fire at Mn. UPS building

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    Check it out at
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    When I hear Brainerd I always think of the movie Fargo.
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    Its kind of the "claim to fame" thing there. If you remember the Blue Ox Bar in the movie the one in Brainerd just closed its doors for good 2 weeks ago. The Chief of Police in Brainerd got a call from some big wig in NY or California about the time the movie came out and that person wanted to know if it was true what happened in the movie-- like they say at the beginning. The Chief told him the only thing true in the whole movie was that you could probably still get laid at the Blue Ox Bar.
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    "According to the ATF website, the ATF is a law enforcement agency in the United State Department of Justice that protects communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the illegal use and storage of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, acts of terrorism, and the illegal diversion of alcohol and tobacco products. The ATF partners with communities, industries, law enforcement and public safety agencies to safeguard the public.

    The FBI investigates terrorism, counterintelligence, cyber crimes, weapons of mass destruction, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime, violent crime and major thefts."

    I like how the news report has to go into great detail on who the ATF and FBI are.
    Nothing like being blatant that you think your readers are a bunch of hicks.

    I wonder who that UPS is they were talking about?
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    When I hear about Brainerd, I think about Road America.
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    We had a fire in our building after thanksgiving. You would have thought the world ended. Nobody hurt and it was all fixed in two weeks with massive 25% of the building down. Ups throws money at it and it goes away quick.
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    Most people either think Fargo or Brainerd International Raceway (BIR) and the NHRA National drag races held there in August every year. Also Brainerd is home to Al Linder (Lindy/Little Joe) and Babe Winkleman - both of whom have weekly national fishing TV shows. Oh - and you can't forget Paul Bunyan.
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    Road America is in Elkhart Lake WI.

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    Whoops! Which track is it then I was thinking about?

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    All the time they say Seattle for Pacific Raceways when in fact its Kent.
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    Brainerd has a road course but the drag strip is more widely known. The strip gets attention also because of the "Zoo" which is kind of it's version of Indy's Snake Pit.