Firefighters Save UPS Warehouse

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    Firefighters Save UPS Warehouse. - One Bakersfield

    Smoke was coming from a warehouse that was roughly 90,000 square feet in size. Crews found two delivery vans totally involved with flames and the fire sprinkler system activated overhead.

    Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire in about ten minutes and save the structure from any damage. No injuries reported to civilians or fire personnel. The cause of the incident was most likely a fuel malfunction and the total damage estimate to the vehicles was about $70,000.
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    Get the packages out first men,,then go after the employees!!!!!!
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    I am glad that you finally came to your senses. Did you get a visit from the re-education team? Or did you stop drinking Quabbin water?:happy-very:
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    did you get the airs off?
  5. Covemastah

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    it must have been the heat the tractor only went down to 65 degrees the other night thought i would die ice cubes kept melting in my drink and my head was cloudy!
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    I hope you immediately pulled over, had it towed back and red-tagged!

    Safety first!
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    Must have destroyed the whole fleet of pkg cars
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    At least the package cars got washed.