For first time, drone delivers package to residential area

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    For first time, drone delivers package to residential area - AP

    A drone has successfully delivered a package to a residential location in a small Nevada town in what its maker and the governor of the state said Friday was the first fully autonomous urban drone delivery in the U.S.

    Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeney said the six-rotor drone flew about a half-mile along a pre-programmed delivery route on March 10 and lowered the package outside a vacant residence in an uninhabited area of Hawthorne, southeast of Reno.

    The route was established using GPS. A pilot and visual observers were on standby during the flight but weren't needed, Sweeney said.
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    UPS needs to buddy up with major city governments to ban all drone deliveries in metro areas or I could see alot of NDA letter volume going away
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    UPS will start an eagle breeding program, and will get a tax break for saving an endangered species.