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    Hey everyone!
    My name's Adam, and I started at UPS as a loader 10 years ago. I was (very!) quickly promoted to Part time supervisor. I stayed for about a year, and then left in pursuit of full-time college. Turned out to be the dumbest thing I ever did. Now I'm hoping to come back--as anything--a loader, another sup position--anything. I don't know how this will turn out; I have a facility tour at the same hub where I used to work scheduled for tomorrow at 6:30 AM. Hoping it goes well. I left on excellent terms, but have my doubts about being allowed to go "backwards" from sup to loader. But maybe since it's been 10 years now, they may consider it. Here's hoping! No matter what, I'll not stop trying--and for anyone even thinking about quitting--don't. Worst mistake I ever made. Keep your fingers crossed!
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    That's uh...great. I'll hope for the best for you, but coming back and going through all that again?

    From my experience, if you quit and get rehired, you start all over again from scatch so they won't care if you were sup. You probably won't get that sup position as easily as before though, times are a changing, but who knows.

    Good Luck.
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    UPS always needs fresh sups for their meat grinder.
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    Thanks. I don't mind going through everything again--it's hard work, but that's what this country needs to get back to anyway. Our grandparents and some of our parents busted tail to put in a hard days work, I'm no better than they are. My dad worked at Rodeway half-time while helping raise two kids, maintain a great marriage, AND getting his Doctorate. If he did that, I surely can do this.

    I'm not interested in "easy," either. I didn't get the sup position in the first place easily; why would I expect to now? I just want to come back and do a great job.
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    A former OMS is now working as a preloader/casual driver at my center. Good luck, Adam. :)
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    Did your oms go driving in the rotation with pt hourlies? Just curious. We have a pt sup who has been there for 3-4 years and can't return to hourly work so he decided to take a job elsewhere.
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    Welcome to BC Adam. Depending on the staffing needs you may be able to get your job back.

    I know in my hub that happened. Sup quit, came back and pre-loaded for 6 mos or so and got his sup job back.

    Good luck.
  8. menotyou

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    He started at the bottom, again. Unloaded trailers, then loaded. Went to driving school in line with his new seniority date. He has to go back to Preload the weeks he doesn't drive.
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    If it falls into the union/non-union ratio for filling a new Full-time driving position a part-time supervisor can become a driver if considered an "off the street" hire. I know a PT supervisor who did this and became a driver faster this way than staying an hourly. This is a gamble because your senority doesn't count when making the decision as to who gets the position and you must be sure of where the ratio currently stands in your particular building.
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    I'm interested in knowing this info, Adam. I am in a similar situation. I was hired 10 years ago, did 2 years as a package handler, promoted to part-time supervisor and left because I was fed up with my superior. Definitely a lot has changed and I probably handled it wrong. I turned in my 2 week notice and that was the end of it...wrote some not so kind words about how things were in my separation interview. Anyway, after trying filling out the application to go back as anything for the last few years and getting the "currently not eligible for rehire" each time I applied online, I suddenly have an appointment this morning at 9am. I hope all goes well. Things would be a lot different this time...older, wiser, more experienced, almost done with an MBA. I don't care in what capacity I go back, as long as I'm back.
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    (This is why it is so important not to burn any bridges.)
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    I agree, but at 24, it was 2006 and I had job offers left and right at the time so i arrogantly wrote stuff in regards to upper management not supporting their part-time supes enough and allowing certain union employees to get away with murder (a few times I saw hourlies attack supes, and the only thing the hourly got was a warning). Anyway, I did talk to HR, the lady sounded super interested as I offered myself to the the shift that needed the most help and had the highest turnover, which was Twilight and their 250,000 monster sort daily. She even asked if I wanted to be a supe, I simply said I just want to help the company in the best possible way whether its hourly or as a supervisor and eventually I would like to put to good use my MBA in Intl Bus and Logistics/Supply Chains and Six Sigma Black Belt. She asked about my former supervisors, I gave her a bunch of names since I was in favor with all but just one. Unfortunately it was the last one that gets last say on my separation papers. She said she has to check into my records to see if I am rehire-able or not. I already know the answer to this. That Full-time supervisor, I believe, got promoted to Sort Manager a year or 2 after I left and I heard she is still there. What can I do at this point? Oh well.
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    You have a MBA in the fastest growing field (Logistics) and you are going to settle for being a PT sup? Do you realize that UPS would be an ideal place for you to begin work in this field?

    Don't waste your time and talents in the hub. Dave.