Found explosives won't impact FedEx, UPS: analyst

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    Found explosives won't impact FedEx, UPS: analyst - Marketwatch

    Two undetonated bombs found at FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc. shipping facilities overseas last week aren't likely to have a material impact on the companies business, said Standard & Poor Equity analyst Jim Corridore, in an Monday note. "We think the interception of these packages shows that security is working, and think new heightened security measures will ease public fear and improve chances [of] further detection," Corridore said.
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    A friend of mine's former spouse works for UPS in Kentucky and spouse is saying that he can't be in court tomorrow because the FBI says all UPS employees have to be at work and not excused for anything, even court. The former spouse is in management. Is this true? Farfectched?
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    I heard on CNBC this morning that this incident might end up helping both FedEx and UPS by raising barriers to entry for the industry under the assumption that there will be more rules and regulations regarding package cargo.