Fourth bid move?

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    Im confused about the bid moves when a new route opens up. Since this summer we have had six new drivers start , I'm second highest of the six.. This is the first job to open up since all of us have started 8 months ago. I'm confused on what happens to the fourth move after 3 drivers have moved from their routes to take others.. Was told that it goes to the low man? Our low man qualified right before xmas. Have had mixed answers from supervisors and other drivers. From it goes to the low man, to we can give it to whoever we want, and it goes to the low guy as long as no cover drivers want it.
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    Are you in the Central Region? if so an employee is only allowed to do 3 bids per year. Not the entire center.
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    central region on bidding

    Section 8 Qualified full-time employees with six (6) months or more seniority may select permanent vacancies and new permanent jobs as provided for in this Article in all months except November and December. When a permanent new job or permanent vacancy becomes open in a center, it shall be posted by the Employer, within ten (10) days, for a period of five (5) working days, except in the months of November and December. A permanent new job, for the purpose of this Article, shall be one that has been in existence for a period of thirty (30) calendar days. 190 Pending the job becoming permanent and the operation of the job selection procedure, management shall have the right to assign any employee to perform the work on a temporary basis. The job selection procedures shall be limited to three (3) moves, the original opening and two (2) others. Only those employees within the classification in the building shall bid said vacancy. The vacancy shall be filled by the senior bidding employee. If the vacancy is not bid by an employee within the classification the vacancy exists, the bid shall be open to all employees within the center. The vacancy shall be filled by the senior bidding employee. The procedure shall be repeated the second (2nd) and third (3rd) time in the classification in the building, the successful bidder vacated. Employees are limited to three (3) bids per year. When the successful bidder for a full-time combination job fails to qualify it shall be awarded to the next qualified most senior employee on the bid sheet. Feeder drivers are not subject to the three (3) bid limitations within their classification. Before hiring from outside, the Employer will give consideration to other full-time employees who have indicated, in writing, a preference to work in the classification of work in which the last opening occurs. Any employee moving from one (1) classification to another shall remain in that job for not less than one (1) year, except those employees who move because of layoff. All job bids shall be filled within ten (10) working days after completion of the bidding process, unless otherwise mutually agreed in conjunction with the efficient operation of the Employer’s business. The Employer shall maintain the completed bid sheet in a center file. A description of the area shall be made available to the successful bidder upon request.
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    In the New England area a forth move resulting from an opening would go to a PTimer that was on the list of people wanting to go FT.
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    Southern here.

    First three go to highest senior bid, company PICKS (at their discretion) the fourth from unassigned ft.
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    Same for the Central. The original opening and 2 others. The 4th move is assigned.