FOX news hypes press conference, then pulls out!

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    This morning, FOX news hyped a press conference that was to be held by ACORN. This was a National Press Conference set to talk about the voter registration irregularity issue.

    They hyped it all morning (bill hemmer and meygan kelly) and when the conference began, the President of ACORN slammed FOX news for irresponsible reporting of the facts.

    Kevin Whalen, spokesman for ACORN slammed FOX for mis-reporting the facts from each state. He also slammed the reporters from FOX for manufacturing the incidents or blowing them out of porportion.

    As soon as ACORN began to dig into FOX, FOX news pulled out of the conference and moved on to another story.

    ACORN made clear that they only accept an "application" for registration and not registrations themselves. If a person puts in multiple "applications" for registration, they are caught by ACORN and separated.

    It was ACORN that has caught all the irregularities in voter registration aplications.

    FOX news was slammed for partisan news reporting and distorting records of fact.

    FOX stayed in the conference for about 4 mins before yanking it off the air, and those who wanted to hear the entire conference had to switch to CSPAN2 as I did.

    ACORN spelled out all there policies and proceedures. They spent extensive time explaining how the application process works.

    The number of irregularities is small to non exsistent in comparision to the total of new applications for registrations.

    FOX news has been irresponsible in reporting and people should make note that THEY are the only ones who are covering the story.

    Simply put, just because a person fills out multiple applications for registration, this does not mean they get that many votes, they are caught by the secretary of states are notified as these applications cannot be thrown away or discarded.

    I found it humurous that FOX news who are running this story every 5 minutes 24 hours a day for 2 weeks now would not stick at the news conference to hear what ACORN had to say about the process and irregularities across the country.

    Like cowards, they cut-away and never showed the rest of the conference.

    Anyone who listened to the conference would have learned about the process and the detecting of irregularities. IT has been ACORN that has caught ALL IRREGULARITIES.

    An embarrassing moment for FOX NEWS.
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    Yeah, suuure ..... How about this story, where ACORN approved the application of one "Mickey Mouse" who's application was caught and denied by election officials, not ACORN.
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    Again, you post a FOX news story that was totally DEBUNKED by the ACORN officials at the press conference.

    If FOX has let the conference play out on the television, you would have been able to hear the explanation for the MICKEY MOUSE application and its circumstances.

    Instead, you believe the nonsense of the Fox news group.

    Even if 10K applications for registration were discovered nationwide, and lets say a majority of them were allowed to proceed to registration, less than 1% of them would actually attempt a vote somewhere..and this would hardly affect an election that by all accounts is going to be a blowout.

    So far, Fox news has reported about 40 irregularities that they claim to be voter fraud, although they have now changed their verbage to say "voter registration fraud" vs. pure "voter fraud".

    Initially, they were using the term "voter fraud" exclusively, but the secretary of states were correcting them and they changed the use of the term on the air.

    You however, are stuck with the first image they sold you for 10 days.

    "Voter Fraud".
    (mission accomplished)

    Read your posted story and tell us what it proves other than an allegation?

    Florida elections officials rejected Mickey's application this summer. It is unclear whether Mickey tried to register as a Democrat or a Republican. But the application included a stamped logo of ACORN, the community organizing group that is facing accusations of voter registration fraud.
    ACORN -- which has a history of voter fraud allegations -- acknowledged its logo was on the application but said its workers routinely scan all suspicious applications.
    "We don't think this card came through our system," Brian Kettenring, ACORN's head organizer in Florida, told the St. Petersburg Times.


    Again, story exagerated.
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    Does this mean that both Mickey & Minnie are unable to vote ???? How about Goofy? :sad-little:
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    I think we all know who Goffy is going to vote for. :happy2:
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    The lies, the corruption,

    The TRUTH about ACORN
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    Jeez, TOS, I just posted that. Do you stay up all night waiting for me to post something?
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    some of Acorns handiwork:

    State Year Details AR1998A contractor with ACORN-affiliated Project Vote was arrested for falsifying about 400 voter registration cards.CO2004An ACORN employee admitted to forging signatures and registering three of her friends to vote 40 times. 2005Two ex-ACORN employees were convicted in Denver of perjury for submitting false voter registrations.FL2004A Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokesman said ACORN was “singled out” among suspected voter registration groups for a 2004 wage initiative because it was “the common thread” in the agency’s fraud investigations.MI2004The Detroit Free Press reported that “overzealous or unscrupulous campaign workers in several Michigan counties are under investigation for voter-registration fraud, suspected of attempting to register nonexistent people or forging applications for already-registered voters.” ACORN-affiliate Project Vote was one of two groups suspected of turning in the documents.MO2007Four ACORN employees were indicted in Kansas City for charges including identity theft and filing false registrations during the 2006 election.2006Eight ACORN employees in St. Louis were indicted on federal election fraud charges. Each of the eight faces up to five years in prison for forging signatures and submitting false information. 2003Of 5,379 voter registration cards ACORN submitted in St. Louis, only 2,013 of those appeared to be valid. At least 1,000 are believed to be attempts to register voters illegally.NC2004North Carolina officials investigated ACORN for submitting fake voter registration cards. NM2005Four ACORN employees submitted as many as 3,000 potentially fraudulent signatures on the group’s Albuquerque ballot initiative. A local sheriff added: “It’s safe to say the forgery was widespread.” 2004An ACORN employee registered a 13-year-old boy to vote. Citing this and other examples, New Mexico State Representative Joe Thompson stated that ACORN was “manufacturing voters” throughout New Mexico_OH2007A man in Reynoldsburg was indicted on two felony counts of illegal voting and false registration, after being registered by ACORN to vote in two separate counties.2004A grand jury indicted a Columbus ACORN worker for submitting a false signature and false voter registration form. In Franklin County, two ACORN workers submitted what the director of the board of election supervisors called “blatantly false” forms. In Cuyahoga County, ACORN and its affiliate Project Vote submitted registration cards that had the highest rate of errors for any voter registration group.MN2004During a traffic stop, police found more than 300 voter registration cards in the trunk of a former ACORN employee, who had violated a legal requirements that registration cards be submitted to the Secretary of State within 10 days of being filled out and signed.PA2008An ACORN employee in West Reading, PA, was sentenced to up to 23 months in prison for identity theft and tampering with records. A second ACORN worker pleaded not guilty to the same charges and is free on $10,000 bail.2004Reading’s Director of Elections received calls from numerous individuals complaining that ACORN employees deliberately put inaccurate information on their voter registration forms. The Berks County director of elections said voter fraud was “absolutely out of hand,” and added: “Not only do we have unintentional duplication of voter registration but we have blatant duplicate voter registrations.” The Berks County deputy director of elections added that ACORN was under investigation by the Department of Justice.TX2004ACORN turned in the voter registration form of David Young, who told reporters “The signature is not my signature. It’s not even close.” His social security number and date of birth were also incorrect.VA2005In 2005, the Virginia State Board of Elections admonished Project Vote and ACORN for turning in a significant number of faulty voter registrations. An audit revealed that 83% of sampled registrations that were rejected for carrying false or questionable information were submitted by Project Vote. Many of these registrations carried social security numbers that exist for other people, listed non-existent or commercial addresses, or were for convicted felons in violation of state and federal election law.

    In a letter to ACORN, the State Board of Elections reported that 56% of the voter registration applications ACORN turned in were ineligible. Further, a full 35% were not submitted in a timely manner, as required by law. The State Board of Elections also commented on what appeared to be evidence of intentional voter fraud. "Additionally,” they wrote, “information appears to have been altered on some applications where information given by the applicant in one color ink has been scratched through and re-entered in another color ink. Any alteration of a voter registration application is a Class 5 Felony in accordance with § 24.2-1009 of the Code of Virginia." WA2007Three ACORN employees pleaded guilty, and four more were charged, in the worst case of voter registration fraud in Washington state history. More than 2,000 fraudulent voter registration cards were submitted by the group during a voter registration drive.WI2004The district attorney’s office investigated seven voter registration applications Project Vote employees filed in the names of people who said the group never contacted them. Former Project Vote employee Robert Marquise Blakely told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he had not met with any of the people whose voter registration applications he signed, “an apparent violation of state law,” according to the paper.
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    Acorn is defending itself in that way bc theyre set up to lose a lot of money if these reports became substantiated .
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    Too bad your father didn't. :wink2:JK
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    Southern for "You Win!"
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    Wow that maybe the most valuable post the other side has provided. If he/she can continue to provide us such value while sitting in arizona then I may have to take that person off ignore. Or better yet I think I'll straddle an electrified fence. The end result should be about the same.:happy-very:
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    Here is a settlement that ACORN made with one county in Washington state over a year ago.
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    ACORN, ACORN, ACORN, ACORN, the new buzz word for the right wing talking heads...

    Hmmm, the supreme court of the United States made it clear in OHIO...

    SHUT UP.

    FOX still does'nt get it.
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    My article came from an ABC affiliate... Some of the ACORN registrations voted in the 2004 election. They were dead people.
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    Today, saturday October 18th, Senator Barack Obama was hosting a rally in the show me state of Missouri near the gateway monument and FOX PULLED out of showing this rally because it had an estimated crowd of 100K people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like fair and balanced reporting!

    (p.s. Rush has been saying Obama crowds are getting smaller, YEAH RIGHT!)
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    Guess Acorn figures they died democrats.:happy-very:
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    Didn't they say the party could not file the suit? It had to be filed by a voter so a voter filed suit now. They did not make a decision they ruled on a technicality. Big difference.