Fred Gets a French Lesson

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, May 22, 2011.

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    It looks like Fred lost one this week over in France. Nobody is saying anything (wonder why), but the logical conclusion would be that Fred had to cave-in because the strike has been "settled".

    It only took several hundred employees (out of 2,200) to throw the Paris Hub into chaos and disrupt flights and service throughout the world. What we need to realize is that we have that same ability over here in the United States. Even though we do not have a union, all it would take is a few hundred key ramp or Hub employees to accomplish the same thing.

    Listen up, Ramp Agents and RTD's. You are the employees who could force Fred to make changes. It doesn't have to be Memphis either. Anchorage or Oakland could both really shut the system down in a big way.

    If you are tired of the same old lies and excuses, it's time to start thinking about just sitting down and doing nothing until we get the ear of the Memphoids who have made this company a festering shadow of it's former self. Fred, MT3, and the rest of them have grown fat, rich, and happy off of our efforts, and we have little to show in return.

    Want your pension back? Then let's start talking about actually doing something to fight back. There are plenty of station couriers who will also just stop working if the ball gets rolling and word goes around.

    They don't want us knowing anything about what happened in Paris. Get the word out and start talking about what we can do to create disruptions and "problems". Fred likes things just the way they are. That needs to change.
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    The problem is that our employees over here aren't unionized. FedEx HAD to deal with the French union workers. He can fire us with impunity.

    The real problem is that no one cares about us except us. For 2 years we had Democrat control in Washington and they threw us under the bus. The Teamsters did too. Think "60 Minutes" will care? CBS is a large corporation that no doubt gets ill over overnight shipping costs. Think they'll want unionized workers driving up the costs of shipping? If you've got video of mgrs strangling couriers they'll gladly show it and make money off of it. Short of that no one gives a damn. People think we make big money already and aren't sympathetic. I think that's why we're allowed to point out all the injustice on this site. They know we have no teeth and they're laughing at us. All the way to the bank. I wish it weren't so but it is. And as some so kindly point out, if we don't like it there's the door. No union backing us up.