Freedom to Work: A Matter of Choice?



Freedom to Work: A Matter of Choice?
"Labor unions in the United States were originally established to protect workers rights and prevent employer abuses. Now, an increasing number of men and women are challenging unions on the grounds of financial, religious or political differences. This thought-provoking episode relates the experiences of several workers who suffered intimidation or job loss due to their disagreements with union policies. In one example, a former member of USAirways Mechanics Union tells how he was fired for refusing to support union political positions. Representatives of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation also relate how they successfully sued the union to protect the workers job. Visit the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation website."

The above description is from a new documentary produced by Voices of Vision. It will be aired via PBS next month and is 26 minutes in length. The program lays out a strong case for the right to work principle. It also describes the role the National Right to Work Foundation plays in this arena and provides compelling stories from people who have suffered union retaliation for standing up for fundamental constitutional principles, such as free association and freedom of speech. If interested, check your local PBS channel schedule for January if possible, to see when it will air in your area.


Good post and I get it, but I am not a "union" all the way person. I appreciate what the union does for me but it also hurts me to see people abuse the union to get away with as much as possible. I live in a right to work state and I have never been pressured to join the union, but, look at non-union companies and see what they pay. I see fed-ex everyday and I take great pride in tryin to do more and give that extra litte bit that they don't to justify paying more for my service. My opinion is if UPS is to pay me more I should do more than my non-union competitors do on a daily basis. If UPS will stand behind me and give me the support and resources to kick thier ass like I can then the union is a good thing! remember, you get what you pay for. The union is good as long as the members don't abuse the rights that alot of folks before them earned them.Thats my 2-cents for what is worth, I was raised old-school so there it is.


Even though I am a Teamster through and through, I like the fact there are right to work states. It gives people an option. It's kinda like maurijuana. If you like it so much, MOVE to where you can have it.