From Seeing Human Resources to Seeing Human Beings

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    From Harvard Business Review, How Hardwired Is Human Behavior?

    Does evolutionary psychology suggest business management is working against how humans are wired?
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    Very interesting article...


    I occasionally deliver to Harvard U...

    If all the Professors/adjuncts/secretaries etc. could simply direct their UPS packages to the correct location (floor/section/department/room number/ad nauseam), they would have better luck receiving their packages.

    Let's see: 'J. recipient, Harvard U. Address.'

    OK, the addy is correct, but what department, what floor, which tower (N? S?), on and on...

    This happens so often, the clerk just sends packages back to the shipper...

    If you're smart enough to work at or attend Harvard, you should be smart enough to direct your package to the appropriate location.