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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brown-up, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Anybody else losing all of their FT cover bids? We used to have at least 12 of these at one time. Now they are completely gone.
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    Yes this is just ups sneak attack of using more parttimerd to cover routes at half the pay of f/t dtivrt we had 27 drivers retire in last 3 years not one fulltime job added why u ask because they currently have been using parttimers to cover routes saves them tons of revenue .why im running for office have new ideas to make anypartimer consistently doing a route for 30 days will be considered a new job someone at has to step up at a local level and have balls to lobby internationally many dont know but if you can always terminate this ridiculous contract with vague language on over 9.5 issues (big concern) and how bout to request an 8 hr dispatch u need 5 days notice (wtf) who knows 5 days ahead your kid has a game or function when we as drivers work till 830 pm sick of the harrasment and this contract ()if u call it that mabey just call it ups policy) I member the old days when they were (management)scared or concerned if a grievance filed now its like they tell you (management)file a grievance lol or as I been told" u should quit " after I put in 22 years accident and injury free nice company we need new leadership in our local and currently why I am running and why local scared funny I never got disciplined in 20 years now 2 warning letters in a month makes u wonder if our local inside and anytime officers in office 16 years usually they attain some close knit relationship they have time in to retire but instead they take thier 140g salaries and do crap and call ups labor manager on our campaign for delegate race and during time we pay them call made hows that for leadership
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    Sorry not trying to be an @%$, but if you run you may need to work on your run-on sentences.
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    paragraphs, PLEASE!
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    And maybe a few periods and commas. Good luck!