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    I see a lot of talk about FT and PT seniority here on the boards.. But in my center when a PT moves to FT driver job they get to bump people with more FT years... Im in 804 here in NY is this really how it works or am I missing something...
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    uhhhh..... OK.
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    The Seniority System is set up by the Union. Some locals do it differently than others. If you're corectly stating the situation, then 804 apparently does it fairly by Company Seniority (your total years with the Company), rather than keeping full-time years seperate from part-time years.

    In my Local, there are two completely seperate Seniority Lists, one for full-timers, one for part-timers. There's also a rule that any full-timer outranks all part-timers!!!

    We have part-timers in their 37th year of Seniority! But if a New Hire full-timer waltzes in off the street and makes his 30 days, that new hire has more Seniority than even those long-time part-timers. All those years of paying full-time dues and initiation fees, and walking the picket lines in '76 and '94 and '97, mean nothing for bidding, bumping and layoff purposes. A part-timer that bids a regular driver job, or bids a 22.3 combo job goes to the bottom of the full-time Seniority List.

    This, and a bunch of other anti-part-timer policies, is why part-timers don't get involved in the Union.
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    Uh yeah..that's pretty bad. :knockedout: In my building our seniority is listed by classification and building seniority rules. The good thing is no FT can bump a PT unless they worked that position/shift prior to going FT. The new hires and seasonals don't understand that and get pretty upset when they are layed off.
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    It's a scam
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    I personally like the "Off The Street Waltz". I am #10 on the FT seniority list and am above 3 or 4 drivers who were preloaders when I was hired.

    You have to remember that there is a ratio of promotion to FT positions built in to the contract. I believe the ratio is now 6 to 1. Back when I was hired it was 3 to 1. I spent 11 months as a casual back in 1989/90.

    Would working the preload have given me a greater appreciation of the job that they do and the frustration that they have when someone is hired off the street and promoted before they are? Absolutely, but I didn't negotiate the contract, I just used it to my advantage.
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    Ah, but how many such Contracts down through the years have you voted in favor of?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    All of them.
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    Here is some advice for any of you part-timers. Always tell your steward you are interested in a full-time position should one become available when they come around and ask you early in the year. You can always decline later on if you don't want it (or whatever) but atleast you leave yourself the option to decide later... because you never know how things can change in your life.
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    p/t dont desreve all the percs of us f/timers.Just my opinion.We do all the hard work.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Hard to tell if you are being sarcastic or not but I do hope that you are.

    Most of us started as PTers and know full well how they bust their butts for peanuts and are often overlooked by the union and, based on your post, by certain FTers who hold a high opinion of themselves. I never worked the preload as I was hired off the street but have been asked to unload a trailer or two in my career and that was enough for me. I will tell you that it is my loader's hard work that gives me the smooth day that I enjoy just about every day.

    I hope your loader does not browse the Cafe.
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    //p/t dont desreve all the percs of us f/timers.Just my opinion.We do all the hard work.
    uhh i doubt you could find many drivers that would trade their route for the same number of hours in the unload...
  13. Monkey Butt

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    I'll refrain from sharing my thoughts on this ... my last thread along this line got out of control.

    I'll just say I disagree.
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    I personally don't understand why the off the street hire is in the contract anyway I think it should be promotion from within only.
  15. some1else

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    up until the recent economic unpleasantness everyone in the building that wanted to drive (that could medical/license/qual) already was, the would still post the jobs but no one eligible would sign.

    different story now!
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    Oh yes of course...because my 4 car pull doesn't require ANY hard work out of me.. :glare:

    F/Timers don't do ALL the hard work. You work hard..us p/timers work hard. I drive as well and I agree that it is HARD WORK..but in my opinion it is impossible to compare the work in terms of difficulty! There are some p/timers that do not have to (or just dont) exert as much as others..and there are some drivers that have lighter routes and may not be taking thirty 50lb boxes up 5 flights of stairs!
    Keep this in mind while you are DOING ALL THE HARD WORK..every package you touch your PRELOADER put it there for you...as well as the other drivers in their pull! And when you get tired from DOING ALL THE HARD WORK..just remember that every one of those packages you delivered over the course of your 9.5..your preloader loaded for you in 3.5..and did the same for the other drivers on their pull.

    OMG I sooo wish I was your preloader..you have NO IDEA.
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    I'm wondering if we can find out who the preloader is. :wink2:
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Seniority alone does make the best candidate.