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    I have two questions, what is the difference as far as training for your 30 days full time driver and driving full time peak season? I still am driving for the end of peak season and I am not sure for how much longer that will be. I was informed that I was supposed to summit another application to become ft driver, as it is that I have to highest seniority. Is that normal to have to re-summit another application this will be the 3rd time for me when I had already taken and passed the class and have been driving peak and still driving now. As for the first question I would like to get some of the information as to what will be expected of me so that I can better prepare for my 30 days while I am still in the drivers seat.
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    Nothing they are the same...It sounds like an outside hire...UPS makes people fill out new applications for new jobs all the time and I have know idea why. Just put you last UPS job on the app and be done with it and good luck!
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    Probably because the previous ones were titled for temp work. Good luck in securing the job. You'll probably have to go through Integrad, it you haven't done it yet. And yes it is normal.
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    Sounds like they want to keep you on as a permanent FT driver. You said you have already passed all the classes. The time you spent driving seasonal well apply to your 30 day probation if they keep you driving after the free period. Sometimes you do win the lottery. You may still be laid off next month, so save those paychecks.
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    From his previous postings, he's an incumbent PT employee. Thus, the only way he's currently eligible to become FT is to be the highest seniority employee signing a bid sheet.

    As I've written before (this year & last), in 2009 many locals/regions agreed to recognize that peak continued through the second or third week of January, thus enabling UPS to continue to use seasonal employees, provided restrictions are met (no routes may be cut, must use Teamsters first, etc.) Most likely, the OP resides in one of these locals and he's being asked to provide information to keep his file current for 2014.