funny; or not.......


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I tend to think of it as fact through no fault of my own I'm rather embarrassed to be a teamster and a upser.....I guess we could blame "the drive by media" (as el rushbo, says) but I'd rather let the members decide for themselves.... can anyone find any specifics as to what "we" are tentatively agreeing to????? oh too soon for that?? but not too soon for negotiators on both sides to tell the media what a great job they've done, right.....has either side offered to let the people THAT VOTE even see an outline of what's being offered by either side???? BTW I work the pre-load, 22.3 combo; my shift is done for the day, not a word from my steward, not a peep from mgt......oh wait I saw the "memo" literally buried beneath other crap spat out of the copy machine in the feeder office........I'd like to see someone interview a driver on route and see if they knew anything, hope they didn't miss the pcm..........why should I care anyway, (fri. I'll have 15 yrs. INVESTED in this company) nobody else does but they can recite chapter and verse every time "#4" takes a dump........ maybe the new deal has a clause where I can transfer to a location where the people give a rat's fingers are crossed.........


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Stay cool, teamsterdan. You know it's a big game. So many people pulling so many strings and making so many deals.

Our sup announced this at the pcm but no details. If it's true about the $9 we'll have to see how they spread it around. Until then, plod along like we always do, ok?