FXG vs FXHD stickers on boxes...

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by OrioN, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. OrioN

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    Soooo lately I'm seeing these stickers on a couple of packages since last month...




    Shippers get to print them out to prefer one branch over the other??? Or does FedEx slap them on during the sorting process?

    Redundancy since I already see the H or G or sometimes S in a square on the lower right side of each shipping label

    I also notice on my printed manifest that some of my stops says HD preferred

    We're still separate terminals in the same business complex.
  2. bacha29

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    You won't be in separate buildings forever. You might be among the last ones to co-locate but you'll get there eventually.
  3. OrioN

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    So is it the shippers or customers asking for one opco over the other?

    I know some customers that spoke to me in person to prefer me over the ground driver...

    and I told some to get ground if you want your stuff earlier in the day (they need to begin business pickups in the afternoon)

    Still see 2 ground drivers in my area at opposite ends of my route so we're definitely overlapping
  4. Star B

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    its shippers that put those lbls on. it's so that the employees know which pile to put the pkgs on.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Home and Ground are not separate OPCO. Ttku...
  6. OrioN

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    So why are shippers still printing/using the HD dog logo? To divert the boxes to me instead of the overlapped Ground driver??

    We crossed each other 5 times today
  7. OrioN

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  8. Star B

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    it's their software.

    They see it's a Ground Resi, so it kicks out a H label and the Dog additional label. That label means NOTHING to you, nor will it make a package come to you or not come to you. It's just shippers putting extra crap on their boxes so that their employees will sort it properly, as their terminal may not be together yet.

    It's like the UPS envelopes that I get occasionally. Doesn't mean that UPS will magically deliver the envelope when it has an Express airbill with it.