G-d Speed for all victims and their families due to Japan's earthquake

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownracer, Mar 12, 2011.

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    As I watch the news reports pouring in from Japan, Hawaii and the U.S. west coast I think we should all stop and take a breather from our daily routines-- and kiss those dear to you in recognition of how fragile life is.

    Also, may we all take a minute this weekend to pray for the victims and families of Japan's earthquake-- no matter which faith you belong to. If you are so inclined, there are many sites now being organized to for directed charity.

    And that working for UPS, with all the problems, stresses and grievances, is still preferably to many of the situations that most of the world's population finds itself in.
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    I have been praying for them since it happened, and I hope they get the reactors under control so there is not loss of liveable areas, including ours. It is such a nightmare, I have just been glued to the news. I got some pics from a friend who has family in Tokyo. Even there, much devastation, but not nearly what is on the coast.
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    God bless
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    My son is in Tokyo, I got an email from him Friday morning our time, he was still feeling aftershocks. From the tone of his email he sounded a little shook up himself, although he titled it "Tokyo Rocks". I keep reading about the reactors and along with the disuptions in the transportation systems, now they are talking about rolling blackouts. I just keep my fingers crossed that he'll be alright.
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    Just got an email from him, says he's gonna try to fly out tomorrow.