Gag the internet, another czar is coming

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Baba gounj, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Oh the holly one is watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    who's gonna be the new czar? Hoaxster?
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    Baba, cheryl is gonna have to ban you and wkmac right off the bat if this bears fruit. Unless you got multiples of 15,000 dollars
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    1 plus 1 = 3. There! I posted a false statement. Come get me , you illuminati b-stards. How am I going to view my favorite website if this comes to pass?
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    Took some of the red pill did ya? A little late to the party but better late than never!

    Cass Sunstein was discussed in this capacity back in Jan.

    There were also questions about Congressional rumblings related to the internet and the Fairness Doctrine.

    One of the best ways to slow or even stop something is to just expose it to the light of day. Good job in doing that!

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    I don't know how deep wkmac pockets are, so I would like to offer anyone the unique opportunity to donate to help pay the coming fines.
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    Am I detecteing a double standard here amongst my conservative buds that The Patriot act, FISA, and wiretapping created by the Third Reich wing Bush Adm is fine and dandy, and never interupted us average Joe's privacy. But now, being that Obama, is creating the Internet Czar, isn't it a little late to be all up in arms crying foul....

    A little less bias than Media Czar Rupert Murdock's "enquiring minds publication, The New York Post....
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    In your defense of the leader of your cult of personality, since by name I wasn't excluded and the fact this conversation so far is very limited in number (also bubs being plural) I guess I'm lumped into this load of coal. However, I think there in turn may be an equal bit of hypocracy and double standard here on your part.

    The President, who by name represents your party, has failed to do nothing in taking down, let's see, how did you put it, "The Patriot act, FISA, and wiretapping created by the Third Reich wing Bush Adm" so to the Bush supporters you are correct but one has to now ask you about the danger of throwing rocks while living in glass houses!


    Ted Rall

    And then there are these guys (I doubt you'd find them at Elephant parties) who had the honesty to point this out.

    Center for Constitutional Rights

    Now that is just the very tip of the "Titanic" iceberg and not a single "RightWing Nut" among them. Your initial point is very valid, no arguement on that point but if you now think you hold a higher ground?

    You best think again. A lot of honest folks on both sides and across the middle are waking up to realize that no matter which side you vote in, the same outcome just continues marching onward!

    Sorry Diesel, but just because one used car lot has a slick, crooked salesman doesn't mean the lot next door has the opposite. In this case, there really is no real difference.

    Maybe you should consider these 10 questions and their answers but then I guess it's just as easy to blow that off as it will be for you to blow of the growing iceberg too. There's always the serenity of the Cult of Personality!

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    You've just wasted ten-twenty minutes of your life preaching to the choir inaccurately insinuating my position. Nowhere in that post am I defending Obama....I'm not with Obama on any of his continuation of Bush policies pertaining to the Patriot Act, Fisa, or wiretapping and have expressed that to you in the past. ( I did hold Obama to his 18-months leadway to pull out of Iraq).....Do I still think Obama was the best man for the job...Hell yes, compared to any "Holier than thou" candidate the right presented or any "Lame Duck" Libertarian/Independent could mustard up...I realize exposing hypocrasy is stimulatingly exciting for you, but keep your pants zippered up on this higher ground, glass house, crooked salesman spliel, to prevent premature ejaculation.....:happy-very: now make sure you use a towel to wipe yourself off....:wink2:
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    First we had this [​IMG]

    Now we have this [​IMG]

    Then we read this Whitney Gives Goldman Her Only ‘Buy’ Recommendation

    Obama Hushes Health Care Advocates


    Now tell me again what's changed?
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    Is Obama Continuing the Bush/Cheney Assassination Program?

    Pentagon Prepares to Maintain Iraq Troop Levels Through Early 2010

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    Senior Obama Official Backs Cheney and CIA, Says Concealment of Assassin Program Legal
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    Makes one wonder just what kind of smoke & mirrors congress is trying to do now.
    Why would they waste time & effort to looking into an idea that they were not told about because it never made it past the planning stage ?

    What is it that they are so afraid of ?
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    I see you've not been following the "Drone Wars" as from your statement above. As was said in the movie Contact, "there's much more here guys!"
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