Game Over?

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    Dr.Cornel West said it best when he said Obama is "a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats."
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    This is it. The writing is on the wall for a career at Express. Fred got what he wanted, and the new compensation structure certainly proved it. The most senior people who would be the most on the fence about voting a union in were the ones that got the biggest raises. They are appeased until the Republicans are back in power and change the NMB rules back for good.
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    The Salon article has put the situation for those still at Express into sharp focus.

    What many may not realize, is that the change in certification vote requirements from the current 35% to 50% (before the change, an organizing unit under RLA needed 35% of the unit signing rep cards to qualify for an election to be held, now it is 50%) - means the end to any possible unionization possibliity at Express.

    Even getting 35% was a hurdle the IBT didn't think was possible (or if it was possible, it would be cost prohibitive to have a drive to get 35% signing rep cards). With a 50% requirement, Fred is now absolutely safe from ANY attempt to have Express unionized.

    With this new found safety, there will be many consequences.

    First, forget about any pay progression. With the remote threat of unionization gone, all you will get is a paltry cost of living adjustment from now on. That is all you have gotten over the past few years (thanks to the economy), but now, that is all you will ever get. You are now officially a wage slave for Express if you are still there. I'd bet that if the March pay actions could be "taken back", Express would do it. I'll go out on a limb and bet that March will be the last time any wage employee will see a 5 or 6% increase. It will be cost of living adjustments (they'll be called "pay raises", but they are just COLA's).

    Second, the "screws" will be tightened down even further. Express knows that there is no way in heck that any union will EVER achieve 50% of unit signing rep cards - just isn't going to happen. Under the 35% rule, it took a core of people that were really determined to get a union certified, then the election process where the another 15% of the unit could vote to actually certify a union without signing a rep card. Now, the signing of rep cards has become the de facto election process. Since rep cards aren't sitting in a dispensing maching outside each station, there is no way there will ever be 50% of unit (the nationwide craft) having a signed card. Look for even more idiotic mandates coming your way.

    Third, as the revolving door at the stations starts accelerating once the economy starts to improve, there won't be as many people in "mid-progression" still agitating for unionization (they'll finally jump ship - I'm left wondering what took them so long...). With less agitation towards FedEx, there will be less pressure to keep benefits intact.

    Since "organize" is no longer in the realm of possibilites, it is now - Leave or Bendover. Those are your choices.

    Last autumn I stated the best course of action is to get out - it is even more true now. If you got either the 5 or 6% raise, enjoy it, it is the last "raise" (above the rate of inflation) that you'll ever see while you are employed with Express.