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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Why do you say crap like this??

    The reality is baba, that producers have been shutting off WELLS and driving down supply, forcing prices over the 40 a barrel margin.

    Gas prices are rigged, we have explained this a thousand times, and yet people like you repeat the ridiculous claims that a "SEASON" drives up prices.

    At the present time, less than 350 rigs are operating in the USA, down from a RECORD 1645 rigs at the peak of USA production under President Obamas "use it or lose it" mandate.

    AS soon as prices fell below the 30 dollar a barrel mark, producers have systematically shut down wells to drive down supply to force prices upwards.

    The drill baby drill Bullcrap is empty talk, as we can see what happens to the oil industry when they drill and produce.

    When GW BUSH was in office, the oil producers NEVER had more than 205 operating wells for 8 years, keeping prices SKYHIGH.

    At 1645 rigs, the price of oil plummeted below 30 dollars a barrel.

    Summer blends have nothing to do with the current rise of the price of gas.

    SUPPLY makes the difference.

    For "christ" sake, learn the oil business before you comment on it.

  2. Maybe try taking some of your own advice. Gas usually goes up in the summer,regardless of the price of oil.
    Many states have regulations on what kind of gas you can use during the summer months.

    P.S. go Trump.
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    $2.75 - Valero
  4. Local $2.35 paid $2.45 in New York.
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    The fires in Canada are going to effect the price of oil also. The oil sands are shut down with no end in sight.
  6. Ricky stopping in the USA for gas?
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    Hopefully, he stays on the north side of the border.
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    Costco was higher than other stations the other day. What's up with that BS. Being that I'm old and cranky I made a special effort to let them know about it.
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    $2.09 here most places
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    Just filled up. Seems reasonable to me.
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    And I was feeling good about paying $2.00 a gallon.
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    "When President Bush first took office in January 2001, national gasoline prices were averaging $1.51 per gallon. Gasoline prices pretty much bumped around in that sub-$2.00 range until March 2005, after which prices climbed above $2.00 per gallon and increased slowly but steadily until they hit their peak three years later in the summer of 2008. After that peak, though, gasoline prices fell pretty rapidly.

    By the end of the Bush administration in December 2008, national prices were almost back to 2001 levels, averaging $1.71 per gallon. If President Bush were manipulating gasoline prices to enrich his family's coffers, he wasn't doing a very good job of it, since gasoline prices exceeded $2.00 per gallon for less than six months out of his eight year administration.

    Now let's look at President Obama's experience with gasoline prices. At the time of his inauguration in January 2009, gasoline prices were averaging $1.90 per gallon. Prices climbed steadily after that, hitting a peak of $4.02 per gallon in April 2011. Prices have slowly diminished since then, but have never been below $2.00 per gallon since March 2009."

    Is Gasoline Cheaper Under President Obama?
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    This is a laughable attempt at sounding intelligent..

    Try this on for size.

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    Hopefuly it drops after the holiday.
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    You live in SOCAL.

    You know the price of gas goes up every summer.

    It's called SUMMER BLEND.