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  1. FilingBluesFL

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    There's one apartment complex I was going in to the other day, apparently the status quo for gate entry, is NO ONE knows the gate code, so you pull up as far up to the gate as possible, and wait for someone to come up behind you and punch in the gate code.

    Well, I ain't no doorman for some retarded people that DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET IN TO THE PLACE WHERE THEY LIVE!!!

    So when this obnoxious lady did that to me, I just made a U-turn after letting the traffic stack up behind me, and well, the rear end kinda stepped out a little bit on it LOL

    I came back later when there wasn't anyone trying to pull that crap on me.
  2. phox1515

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    I have always hated gated communities that you can get in by just waiting for someone else to put in the code, or even worse when the gate is stuck open. it defies the point of living in a gated community. If I owned a gate community I would put spike traps (the kind that pop your tires if you go the wrong way) on the exits and I would make it so the gate shuts within 2-3 seconds after a 2nd set of tires roles over a sensor... and not the slow kind of shutting that a person could go through doing a hand stand. I know this would be much more expensive but at least it would be secure from non residents or those who should not be there. I'd change the code every week too and give a clicker to companies like ups, usps, etc so they could do their job.
  3. FilingBluesFL

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    This set of apartment complexes has a Swing-in Wrought-Iron gate, and in front of that is a up/down arm gate. So the arm stays down until the gate is fully opened, then after the car goes through, the arm comes down fast as soon as the car is past it, and stays down while the big gate closes.

    That's why they pull up to the gate and wait, because they can't follow anyone in the gate.

    Also, out of all the gated communities I've been in, there's ONLY ONE where the "back" gates have a set of fold-down tire puncture strips like that have up in the North East parking garages.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    Sounds more like a Super Max Federal Prison. What are these people so afraid of. We don't even lock our house door as who knows who will stop by and need a place to stay.
  5. phox1515

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    burglers, car thieves... it also helps keep sales people out. peace of mind knowing that for the most part the only people in their are your neighbors and friends and family of those neighbors.

    so you don't lock your door huh... what street and city do you live on again... just kidding... that brings in another thought of just how trustworthy customers think we are... they'll tell you anything and delivery folks know when you're home, when your gone, if you have a dog and a mean ferret or something, they can probably tell if you have an alarm, etc and then customers go and tell their delivery drivers "oh hey i'm gonna be on vacation in florida for 2 weeks"... orly... 2 weeks when you won;t be home and I know you have no dog, no alarm and neighbors are not home saturdays between 9 am and 2 pm... hmmm oops you just told someone the best opportunity to rob you. I know most of us a trustworthy and drivers make a decent enough wage to not have a desire to rob someone but it's still not smart to do that... it only takes 1 drivers to lose it and decide that customer has something he wants that could be worth more than his wage pays. for the record as a helper I did have someone tell me a time frame when they would not be home and we had delivered there numerous days in the past so I could have gained a fair bit of knowledge of them... oh and my route was a high end wealth neighborhood too.
  6. PT Car Washer

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    If you were a cover driver in my center you would most likely know where I live. The house with the two big Chocolate Labs. Like to see you get by them. Don't have a mean bone in their body, but can be very intimidating.
  7. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I cover a route where the house has a note saying don't leave at gate. The access code in the board doesn't work to open the gate. NI1,NI2,NI3
  8. RandomDrone

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    The Discovery channel had a show called "It take's a thief" where they would have people who knew what they were doing try and break into houses when the home owners were gone. One of the funnier things is that the burglars could always get the dogs to calm down just by giving them treats. Unless you live in a fallout shelter, people can get into your house if they want to, and a good burglar will be in and out in 10 minutes. Even with a security system, the honest truth of the matter is that if somebody wants into your house, they'll get in. It's a matter if they are smart enough to get out before police arrive, if they know where most people store their valuables, and they have some luck and avoid X factors like having the cops called on them. Gated areas solve a lot of these problems because even if there is not actually a gate there's a camera that records every car that enters and exits. The dogs might be a deterrent if the house next door does not have dogs just because it's easier.
  9. moreluck

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    Gate guarded communities are not to be relied on as safe. Residents give out the codes to "friends". Our entry code has only been changed twice since 2003.
    If I feel safe it's only because it looks like a nice neighborhood. It's patrolled at night while I sleep......but so was the 'Home Alone' house.

    I have a dog that barks at all noises.....and we keep guns. Oh, we have a security system sign that someone left the trash.

    I've only heard of one break-in since living here. The close-by neighbors watch out for each other. We noticed when routines are different.
  10. PT Car Washer

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    That is so sad to have to live like that. Sounds more like the Green Zone in Iraq.
  11. FilingBluesFL

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    Statistically I believe more crime occurs in a Gated Community because people mistakenly think that it makes them "safer."

    So they leave their house unlocked, their garages open, and their crap scattered all over the place because they think it's going to be safe.
  12. PT Car Washer

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    You have to wonder how many Union members live in a place like that?
  13. upschuck

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    We make too much money to live in places like that. :1eye:
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    There's a gated community here that has an entrance with a directory box that has a super nice stone/wood archway that is too low for a package car to go through. The exit is of adequate size to go through but it has a key system and no pad for a code.

    Their stuff gets will called.
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  15. phox1515

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    that exit is probably for emergency vehicles... obviously they can't get in the entrance but they have to be able to get in.

    I know gated communities don't make you safer, but I already pointed out why and what I would do if I owned one... it would actually make it safer. could always do what they do in breezy point in the rockaways, ny... it's like a co-op piece of land and only residents and freinds and guests of residents can get in AND people like delivery drivers, etc can not get in on weekends. you have to go through a security check point with police who check if your a resident or guest, if your a guest they call the resident and verify you are cleared to come in. then to top it off you need a token to get into anywhere legal to park or a resident id card, no token and you can;t get to anywhere to park and then you get towed, at the rate police patrol the area you prob get towed in less than 20 minutes.

    I only know about this area because when I was in americorps, on our project in the rockaway we had to do some work in breezy point. learned a lot of history of the area too, it's actually pretty neat, everyone there owns share in the land, not just their own home property, the whole city area.