Gay Libertarian Defends Those Who Oppose Open Gay Lifestyle


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One of my favorite libertarian common taters had this to say in defense of "red necks" who don't accept the open closet concept.

Oh, those backwoods anti-IRS hicks, with necks redder than the reddest state, hopeless Neanderthals who would never read Lindsey’s book, The Age of Abundance, wherein he describes the supposedly “libertarian” utopia being ushered in by “the sexual revolution, environmentalism and feminism, the fitness and health care boom and the opening of the gay closet, the withering of censorship and the rise of a ‘creative class’ of ‘knowledge workers.’”
It sounds like a Georgetown cocktail party, rather than a political or ideological movement, but there you have it. Lindsey and his fellow creative geniuses are too good for the poor untutored hoi polloi who don’t go to the gym four days a week and are neither feminists nor gay. In Lindsey’s lexicon, “Forward-looking” means “people like me,” and “backward-looking” stands for non-feminist non-gay non-gym-going proles, who don’t count anyway.
In any case, sneers Lindsey, Paul “comes from a different part of the libertarian universe than I do.” Yes, you bet he does.

Although in some circles he might be hounded out of town, Justin Raimondo still holds to freedom principles to defend those very circles to speak exactly as they believe and yes even in public for gawd's sake!

But alias, those "rednecks" still believe their hope and protection from the gay hordes will come from a party already run amuck with them and in the end will not give them the freedom to speak what they believe and only pretending an illusion while taking them further into the abyss.

Good luck!