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    We just got back from a 2 day road trip up the coast of Georgian bay to Owen Sound,and down lake Huron.I love driving,especially when I dont have to stop every 2 minutes:cool:It was really nice,we must've passed 1000 farms.What got me was all the windmills!The Government pays them to build them on thier land.Its a clean alternative power source that they can store just like nuclear power.I think its a great way to subsidize a neccessary industry that is often faced with the adversity of mother nature.It was realaxing.We stayed at a "travelodge" in Owen Sound and although they had a nice bed,it was noisy,and mickey mouse.
    On the way home we stayed at a "quality inn" and it lived up to its name.We put almost 1200 kilometers on the new yaris.Nice little car.
    What I found weird was the bruce nuclear power plant sits on the northwest side of lake huron,looking like a secret experiment in the distance yet its about 50 miles from the windmills.
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    I'm glad you all had a nice, relaxing trip, DS. God knows you deserve it!:wink:. I'm a Colorado transplant from California (second to the worst kind, the first being from Texas) and California windfarms are all over the place. They always strike me as entering the Land of Aliens
    because one minute you're driving along enjoying the scenery and the next minute you're surrounded by of dozens of stark, white structures in the middle of nowhere. :ohmy:

    Here are a couple of pages of photos of some in Calif.
  3. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice

    One of my favorite places...
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    Is that Fiji or something close??
  5. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice

    French Polynesia. If I remember correctly it was the island of Moorea.
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    No way we can afford French Polynesia,in fact,even if we did have the money,we both are not that fond of baking to death for a holiday.Personally if I had the cash I would visit every castle in Britain,
    I love the history.I was there when I was 24 and I couldn`t get enough .
    The steps in the older ones are worn down from 600 years of people walking on them.Unfortunately Britain is very expensive to visit now.
    BTW Sammie...I had no idea that windmills were so rampant in California,but hey if it produces energy,its got to be safer than splitting atoms.