Getting Overheated. Will I be looked down on?

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  1. I started last night as a Loader. I am a bigger guy so the heat is worse on me than most. I got overheated and kept working to the put were I could hardly breathe. I stopped told my PT Sup and he seemed very :censored2:. So even if I get used to the heat in a couple of days or so will I be looked down on? I plan on staying at UPS for a while but didnt realize how hot is was gonna be. Will this effect me on getting promotions? I work in Memphis so when its hot its ridiculous because of the humidity.
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    Relax and bring/drink alot of water. I remember starting in the reload at UPS my sophmore year in college. Brutal. Kept me in great shape though and in time the work related nightmares go away and the body acclimates itself to the workload. Welcome to BC and UPS (even though I am no longer with UPS :happy2:).
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    Like he said drink water don't over do it and you will get used to it. As for being looked down on you are an hourly teamster (soon to be) who will always be looked down on and will never be doing enough. Get used to it and be safe
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    Drink water before your shift. On e you feel thirsty you are dehydrated.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Try freezing a gallon or 2 of water. Definately helps to cool you down. I was a big guy too when I started at ups, & it didn't take me long to get used to the fast pace.
    Good luck
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    do you have any health problems like asthma or anything like that?

    don't worry about them getting :censored2: off. they are always :censored2: off. take a bathroom break when you need a breather. it's better than a hospital break.
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    You'll be looked down on if you die on the floor due to heat stroke/exhaustion. Your safety is number one, everything else is secondary.
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    Promotions where??

    If you are aiming to become a supervisor, most I have seen couldn't hang with the job you are doing. Yes, most will breathe down your neck if you are new and impressionable. On the other hand, reverse the roles and they would never bother you again.
  9. I want to become a package car driver.
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    You forgot to mention "stepped over "!! His body would be moved after the sort is down and clear !!
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    Lovelace....when they harrass you,,and THEY WILL,,,Just tell them I Am Following Your Methods to the best of my abilty,as safley as you taught me !!The road to package car driver is not how many trailers you crank out a night, its gained by seniority !! Take the advice of others here,,,these guys know what thet are talking about,,,good luck and be safe kiddo !!


    Its such a shame that when we all start within this company that we all have this FEAR of what will happen IF we dont meet there USUALLY unrealistic expectations!!! I know for me knowledge when you come into this company is something YOU DONT HAVE AT ALL! You have no idea whats acceptable, what isnt, whats right or whats wrong in the eyes of the union and management. Part of that is probably our fault for not being informed, but somethings you just wont know until you have experience.

    Your health and safety is priority number 1 PERIOD! If you arent going to take care of your body, UPS sure isnt going to. I feel for this guy because I know exactly where he is coming from. If you feel like you are to the point of being too hot, you need to stop and cool down immediatly! I dont think very many people understand what happens when you become dehydrated. Your blood is what 75% water, the more you sweat the more water you lose. The more water you lose the thicker your blood becomes and the harder your heart has to work to pump it, that is why its called a heat stroke, keep that in mind and it will remind you to drink plenty of water. I totally understand you are wanting to make an impression on the bosses so it looks good for becomming a driver, Ive been there. The short of it though is show up to work, be safe, and with the way it works you will get your shot at driving as long as your driving record is clean and you are a person who shows up to work.

    Good Luck man just keep your head up and your nose clean and you will do fine!
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    You're a union employee! Don't totally quit but at the same time no reason to absolutely kill yourself in this heat
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    The advice on drinking plenty of water is good, but you also need to keep your electrolyte balance. Did you check out the thread called called "water and fruit."

    I feel like I have a way of butting heads with both the political left and the right. Anyway, giving and getting advice is what people are here for, but I believe it is the employee's and not the company's responsibility to be ready for physical work in a hot environment. If UPS provides some refreshments, that's a nice gesture, but people need to make sure they prepare as well, and I see many people not preparing.

    What you eat and drink well before work is important as well as what you have during the shift. People also need to be smart about what they wear. It's been hot lately where I live, and I can't believe I still see some guys wearing jeans to work. Around here it seems like nobody cares if you wear a tank top working inside and many people do. Also, I believe a short hair cut helps keep you cooler.

    This whole topic has come up before so anyone wanting more advice can look up old threads, and I'll bet someone will have something to add to what i just wrote.

    Stay safe and healthy, recognize your limitations, know you'll never do enough for some people in this world, and good luck.
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    We had a driver suffer an apparent heat-related issue on Thursday to the point where the on-car had to drive up to meet him and another driver had to come help him. From what I was told he was very disoriented, confused and somewhat hysterical. The on-car brought him in to an air conditioned store and put some ice packs on his neck, which seemed to help. Word is he became dehydrated and then tried to slam 10 32oz Gatorades. I am not a doctor but I think had he hydrated before work and during the 1 hour ride to his area he would have been OK.

    As to the OP's question if he would be looked down upon--unfortunately, he very well may be, especially if his co-workers are anything like mine. They were making fun of this driver during the PCM on Friday and I feel sorry for the guy come Monday.
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    That is so unfortunate. I could see it happening where I work too. I really wish there was a stronger sense of comraderie among employees, especially among union members, after all we are the International BROTHERHOOD of Teamsters, but all too often, it seems like the brotherhood aspect plays itself out as little more than sibling rivalry
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    This is because you work for a company who is constantly trying to tear that camaraderie apart. Pit one driver or pre-loader or reloader against each other. The problem is that we have drivers, preloaders, and reloaders that benefit from them doing it. Special employees is what I call them. In my building we make fun of them,we expose them and keep them the minority.
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    While I don't deny what you are describing, I sense the problem is much deeper, unfortunately. It seems like the majority of employees will all too readily criticise a fellow union member, not so much because they are trying to gain an advantage or even be mean, but I believe are being just thoughtless. I even see it here on BC where people, I believe, often take a good beating when they put up a post that IMO would deserve criticism, but in a much more mild way.
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    I have done a good bit of research, and UPS has no liability towards how hot vehicles or building temperatures can be. However, all employees must be given time to take breaks in an air-conditioned room to escape the heat.

    That is OSHA talking, not UPS. So take as many breaks as you need to stay cool and not get heat sick.
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    I heard somewhere that osha required ups to put a/c's on package cars in Death Valley CA

    Since you say, and I believe it, there is no rule about how hot our work areas can get, how far have you seen people go in what they wear working. Lots of guys wear tank tops, even though somewhere I think it says you are not supposed to. I have seen some guys wear even less...