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    After 23 years as an FXG SR contracter I called itquits as of 5-15.Here is what I can tell you people. When it comes to your so called operating agreement remember one thing.... NOTHING'S BINDING! The real reason for the conversion to the so called ISP format in what will be ASAP nationwide is that it is simply a fall back to what they believe to be a more legally defensible position. It may not work because FX's appeal of the Kansas Supreme Court ruling that in Kansas you are an employee no matter how many routes you have was denied by the 7th Us Circuit Court of Appeals. Now if the 7th later this year or early next applys the Kansas ruling to the other 19 states that have been appealed to the 7th then this so called independent contractor format will begin it's death spiral Now if you are going to join up with other contractors then form your own corporation get a good lawyer and a good comptroller because he will handle the money and first and foremost operate as SEPERATE PROFIT CENTERS.Likewise with the temps eliminated you will have to keep extra trucks on premise and extra manpower you can call out on a whim to handle overflow. Remember your entire success is totally dependent on the dumb assumption that there will always be somebody walking through that door psycologically willing and physically able to deliver top of the scale performance for bottom of the scale money.
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    I have always maintained the Ground business model(s) were and are a scam. It looks like things are getting interesting. Please note all the recent efforts to make it look like contractors are SO independent is just a coincidence.
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    I was scrolling through the archives of this site the other day when I was bored. There was a thread from 04 talking about a California ruling against Ground for the contractor classification. Everyone was talking how it was the end of the model. The sky is not falling.
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    And the Kansas ruling only dates back to 2007... Still before ISP. Been covered ad nauseam.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.
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    After 23 years how many PSAs did you have as of 4/15?
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    Some guys just want to run a single route. The writing has been on the wall for a long time that you either scale or get out, but I just hate that argument. Did you start with 1 route and grow or buy in with multiples? And how long have you been around?

    I feel bad for these SWA guys.
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    It may take some time but you better get a hard hat.
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    Gonna end up like the firefighters in China that basically blew up a city?
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    Really going to wear that "hard hat" for 20 years till the next modification. Keep preaching that the sky is falling.
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    Your the stock guy? Right. Best advice is sell! Sell! Sell!
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    I will but only after I see the growth I want to in another 3-5 years or so, not because I think the model is anywhere close to danger but because I can't run these absentee and do not want that caliber of investment that I have to put that much time into. I am not saying they can't be run absentee it just doesn't work with my personality. This is a growth play till the next recession hits then it is on to the next business, hopefully I will be fortunate enough to get into one of the businesses I have wanted to get into for a decade but we will see.
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    Pot farm? ;)
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