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  1. stixx337

    stixx337 New Member

    Hello guys, Ive been a member for awhile but this is my first post.
    Im a driver in the midwest and have been going through gloves like
    I use thin silicone/black gardening gloves so my hands can breath
    but they make my hands stink like a*% and last only about a wk.
    It's peak but not snowing here yet and im having a tough time finding
    good gloves that aren't thick. Need input/website suggestions pls.
    It's good to be here with fellow browns..
  2. BROWN430

    BROWN430 New Member

    I get my gloves at Lowes. I use the "Mechanic" brand. I usally get a few months out of them. I use the thinest I can fine so I don't have problems using the DIAD.
  3. seb421

    seb421 New Member

    Ringers insulated mechanic gloves;

    these are spot on, i do a lot of work on the motorbike and its cold in my garrage... these are spot on and are not to thick, i can evan send a text in them

    hope this helps, seb.
  4. tonyexpress

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    Hey stixx337,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe...

    I would suggest you keep your hands to yourself until you get a different type of glove.:happy-very:
  5. bigbrownhen

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    I wear the little cheapy gloves you find at checkout. like 2 pair for $2. They dont last long, usually go through 4 pair or so during winter, but they are great for handling packages and working the board. Don't know how well they work for guys though.
  6. things2auction

    things2auction New Member

    Atlas gloves, hands down the best gloves I have used. They are cheap, have great grip and last longer than any other glove I have used. I have tried tons of different gloves and have yet to find one better for moving boxes!
  7. MC4YOU2

    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.

    I use the canvas/rubber type you describe and just pitch them when they start to ripen. I find you can get a few more days with washing them out or using an anti fungal spray.