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  1. With reference to the Diad 5, what is the purpose of the "gold function key"?
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    It justified some management turds job for something like 7 months why he hid in his cubicle and cut out early to go golfing. Sounds like a win win for him.
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    I think it allows the number keys to be used to select the choices at the bottom of the screen. I think it replaces the old function keys that were on the old DIAD's.
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    It automatically lights up when you hit 9.5 hrs.
    Serously, no idea.
  6. Seriously, every time a perfectly legitimate question gets asked on this forum, I end laughing my burro off at half the answers.

    I got word my center will be moving to the 5 soon and after looking at the buttons on a photo, well that one begged the question.

    When I get back to work sometime this spring, I'll figure it out.

    Meanwhile, seems pretzel would know but I love tootoo's answer. Mine would light daily.

    Maybe it has something to do with early retirement.
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    This is the latest contribution by IE: it's called the Gold Standard. Anybody who gets beat by more than 15 clicks will see the gold button light up. When this happens, they will be called into the office and forced to recite the ten keys to keeping the gold button from lighting up.
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    It is used to enter the Period, Slash and Dash characters from the keyboard. It also allows you to use A-E and 1-5 to select softkeys if you don't like the touch screen (or it fails on road)
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    You guys are talking about the package scanner that looks more like price guns at Target right?

    As already been said; the solid yellow/gold/orange button is used to assign keypad button to touch screen option when your fingers or gloves are too fat for the touchscreen.

    You will see options in the screen like "deliver". To use it, you push on that square or you push the orange button and a number or letter appears in each box. You then push the letter or number key corresponding to the touchscreen button you want to push.
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    Target's PETs have pistol grips. As nice as that'd be at a bulk stop, it sure would get annoying for the rest of the day.